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Casino Games - DieGaming has been a form of entertainment enjoyed for almost as long as history has been recorded and evidence suggests that it started in 2300 BC in China. Board and dice games have been found dating back to this era, and it was these games that once averted a war when King Olaf of Norway had a disagreement with the king of Sweden and the dispute was settled by the roll of two dice, the winner could claim victory and rule the District of Hising. King Olaf rolled two sixes and claimed the territory, his opponent accepted. The very first known gambling house was in Venice, Italy and was called Ridotto.

It was established in 1638 by the Venetian Great Council to offer controlled gambling during the carnival season. Online casinos appeared from the second part of the nineties and Microgaming was the first software developer of online casino games while Cryptologic owned Intercasino was one of the first online casinos. Since the late 1990’s hundred of online casinos were launched to offer players online games that have now claimed the number one spot in online entertainment and we take a look at the history of casino classics while also recognizing the benefits of modern technology.

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Casino Games - Slots

Online Slots

Top 4 Slots September 2017 - Star IconOnline slots are the most popular at any casino and players who have the “hots for online slots” will not be disappointed by the sheer variety. The top reasons why players love online slots include multi-million wins offered by progressive jackpots, variety of themes, branded slots based on favorite shows or films, and the fact they offer a time to relax after a stressful day but add a high level of excitement at the same time.

Getting started with slots is easy, and most only require players to select the desired denomination, number of coins per payline and then clicking the spin button. Payouts depend on the number of coins and denomination selected although jackpot bonuses are often triggered by the maximum bets. Online slots can be categorized into three main types, which include:

Type of SlotNumber of Reels OfferedAvaialble Variances
CLASSIC3 reel and 5 reelLow, Medium and High
VIDEO5 reel, 6 reel and 7 reelLow, Medium and High
PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT3 reel, 5 reel, 6 reel and 7 reelLow, Medium and High

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Classic Slots

In 1891 the first slot machine was introduced in New York, and at the time the slot offered 5 drums holding 10 play cards, the goal was to hold the highest poker hand, and at the time the slot machines did not offer automated payouts. Players who achieved a win had to alert the bartender, and since then modern technology ensures massive advances for land based slots, online slots were the next phenomena, followed by mobile play that has had a huge impact on the gambling industry. Online slots include classic 3 reel slots featuring a single payline and bonus features include nudges, stop feature and jackpots. Classic slots remain a favorite due to their exceptionally high rewards, while it requires the minimum interaction.

Video Slots

Twin Casino SlotsVideo slots appeal to slot enthusiasts who love action packed play boosted via several bonus features. Bonus features include several types of wild symbols, scatters, multipliers, wild reels, second screen bonus games, free spins bonus rounds and jackpots.

Video slots offer multiple paylines and players can typically bet on one up to 100 paylines, 243 ways to win or 1,024 ways to win. Several video slots offer fixed paylines, which provide the best chances of winning within each spin.

Video slot types include multiplayer slots allowing friends to play the same game while all player screens are visible at the same time as well as licensed video slots developed in collaboration with film or comic brand owners, while a wide range of themes caters for particular player likings. Video slot tournaments offer members the opportunity to test their skills against other international players and progress of all participants can be viewed via a scoreboard and prizes include from thousands in cash to tickets to world events.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressive jackpots award multi-million wins within a single spin, although to increase your chances of becoming the next progressive winner it is important to know the difference between local or pooled progressive jackpots.

Local or also called standalone progressive jackpots are contributed to by members of one casino, and only players at that specific casino can trigger the ever-increasing jackpot. Independent progressive jackpots offer smaller payouts than networked jackpots and also increase slower due to fewer players contributing towards the jackpot.

Networked Progressive jackpots are played at various casinos linked to the same progressive jackpot network. With a large player audience contributing towards pooled progressive jackpots, they reach jackpots worth multi-millions much faster than local jackpots as well as offering higher rewards.

Table Games

Casino Games - Table Games


Video Poker - Playing CardsBlackjack is an exciting card game enjoyed by up to seven players depending on the table. It is the most popular and famous of all table games and could be a bit confusing until players understand the betting option and game rules.

Blackjack is played with eight packs of 52 cards, and while K, J, and Q count 10, Aces could count as 1 or 11, the aim is to reach a hand that is higher than the dealers without going bust, which is reaching a total greater than 21. Blackjack is also one of the most popular live dealer games, and players get to enjoy gaming with other international blackjack players.

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Baccarat is a game played with six, 52 card decks and has an aura of class about it. This is mainly due to Baccarat being played in rooms that cater to high roller needs. Winning depends on the hand players bet on and not the hand played.

Baccarat is also one of the most enjoyed live dealer games, and once players are familiar with the rules, they can enjoy the most authentic experience without leaving home. Unlike blackjack and roulette for a game so steeped in an aura of mystery and glamor, the odds against players are easy to understand as only three bets and three payout options are offered.

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Roulette is the most familiar of all traditional casino games and creates the most excitement. There are a wide variety of betting options available in roulette, although the game allows new players to get into the action quickly.

It is also a very popular live dealer game and players can enjoy several roulettes such as French, American, and European versions. The live version is hugely popular with players who place high stakes, and VIP rooms allow bets worth up to $500,000.

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Craps are amongst the most enjoyed online games and are considered an all-time classic. Even though it looks way too complicated at first glance, many players are eager to learn the rules due to its entertainment value.

The high demand online for craps continues in live dealer games, and live games are available via several broadcasts from Latin, Asian and European studios. Professional dealers operate all live studios and players can depend on the best online experience.

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Sic Bo

Craps LogoSic Bo is a serious, fast-paced game that appeals to roulette and craps enthusiasts. The title of the game means “dice pair” and the game are played with three dices. It is currently the game that rises the quickest in popularity and several online casinos now also offer Live Sic Bo.

Sic Bo is an East-Asian game, and while it is much easier to get familiar with than craps, there are several betting strategies that join the game. Online players looking for the most realistic Sic Bo experience can now enjoy the live dealer version at several premier online destinations.

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Keno and Bingo

Casino Games - Keno-and-Bingo


Keno is a numbers game, and while it is part-bingo, part-lottery it also has some unique rules of this own added into the mix. Once players are familiar with Keno, the game offers hours of highly enjoyable play, and wagers can be placed from just $1 up to $100 per line. It appeals to all players who enjoy live lottery games and is a game of luck and chance. The game offers 80 numbers and players can select from several betting options that could allow play on up to 20 numbers.

Online Bingo is hugely growing since it is available at online casinos while new bingo sites launch regularly. Bingo players can enjoy a wide variety of themed games while all player preferences and budgets are well suited. Game formats include 75, 80 and 90 ball bingo games and the game’s popularity is due to its social aspect.

Although some online casino offers a dedicated bingo section, bingo rooms also allow players to enjoy a small selection of classic and video slots as well as several table games. Players meet on a daily basis to enjoy friendly chats with fellow players and to enjoy the generous variety of bonuses offered.


Live Casino

This is a relatively new area of focus for many casinos, Live dealer games have enabled casinos to advance into attractive playing conditions for online players who craved and missed the socializing aspect enjoyed at land-based casinos. Live casino games are presented by professional live dealers and players not only get to enjoy games via live stream but can also interact with the dealer or fellow players.Live dealer games include all the much loved classic such as baccarat, roulette, blackjack and poker and several new modernized versions of the classic is now offered at premier online casinos. Live dealer games is also available on mobile and is believed to have been the first steps towards virtual gaming. Click here for more information about live dealer games. 

Online Sports Betting


Several online casinos now cater for all player preferences, and apart from offering casino slots, table games, card games, and live dealer games, members also have the opportunity to place bets on a wide variety of sports events.

Sports betting allow players to enjoy the best odds while over 90 different sports are available for online betting. Apart from betting on a wide variety of matches, leagues, and tournaments, online players can also bet on darts, political results, and e-sports. Betting services include live scores, results, and statistics.


Video Poker

Sic Bo Guide ChipOne of the most enjoyed poker versions is Pai Gow, which is often explained as the blackjack for poker players. The card game is played against the dealer based on poker hand rankings, and the basic rules are easy to learn. Knowing how to split cards is a vital part of enjoying several poker games.

While poker is hugely popular globally, the live dealer version enjoys lots of online player attention. Live Poker provides players the option of communicating with fellow players as well as with the professional dealer.

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Mobile Casino

 Mobile CasinoMobile Casinos offer very much the same games available to desktop players although the collection is not quite as extensive. Once mobile gaming became the latest craze, software providers have worked around the clock to restructure online games for mobile play. New releases launch simultaneously across all platforms include desktop, mobile, and tablet. Click here for more information about mobile gaming.

Virtual Reality Gaming

2016 will be remembered as the year in which the first virtual reality casino games were launched at the first ever virtual reality enabled online casino. The new technology enables players to enjoy live blackjack on computer while taking a seat at the table or chatting with other members at the bar. Virtual reality play intensifies everything about gaming and provides players with 3D binaural audio and rush elements from slots includes sound changing, flashing lights and players can interact with other casino members. Click here for further reading on Virtual Gaming. 

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