There are many reasons that playing online casino games have become popular in Canada. Apart from being more convenient than land-based casino games, online games offer more choice.

When it comes to casino games many people think of the classics, table games like blackjack, Online Casino Guide - Roulette Logoroulette, baccarat, and craps. All of which can be played here at Other casino games we offer include live casino games. For those who don’t know live casino games are one of the hottest trends in casino gaming. Bringing Las Vegas-style fun to your desktop or mobile device. Then, of course, there are online slots. Many of which come packed with jackpots and bonus features. There’s also so many to choose from. We have reviewed over 400+ online slots for you to play. All from the top game providers in the industry.

And of course, we can’t forget to mention the awesome bonuses casinos offer players to try their games. Giving players more cash to splurge on the reels or at the tables as well as boosting your chances of making some nice wins. The possibilities are endless!

All in all, there are a number of reasons to play casino games online. If you want to learn more about how to play for fun and real money, just keep reading!

Table Games: Most Popular Table Games to Play Online

Table games online are computerized versions of blackjack, baccarat, roulette, craps, sic bo, poker and all sorts of other popular casino games. Odds, house edge, payouts are all regularly checked to be fair for the player. You can play online table games on your desktop, phone, and tablets – right from the comfort of your own home!

Check out our extensive table game guides down below to find out more about each table game type. Not only that, you can also get tips on the best online casinos for playing each table game (PS: it’s the ones with the best table game bonuses).

Online Slot Games: Play for Free & Read Up on Features

Every type of player likes a good online slot now and again. And with payouts and ever-changing features like these, who could blame them? Online slots pretty much crush land slots when it comes to wins and engagement. Players will get drawn into a whole other universe. Gaming providers for slots really bring their A game when it comes to creating and designing slots. Competition is fierce!

Want to play for free? Discover the internal workings of jackpot slots? Read up on how to best play a slot game? Just hit the buttons below.

Live Casino Games: How it Works and What to Play

Live casino gaming is one of the most attractive features of online gambling. Take a virtual seat at a live studio table, complete with live dealer. Join players from around the world as you duke it out until one comes out on top. Bonus? There might even be some special features included during the game.

These aren’t your average blackjack, baccarat and roulette games. You’ll see when you go through our live casino guide.

Most Common Questions : How to Play Casino Games

Can I play casino games for free?

Yes, many casino games offer a free play version. Free play games are basically the demo version. Like demos, free plays are designed to give players an idea of the game. Players can check out gameplay, features, and other features.

Overall, they work almost the same way. Players can still wager and play but with one difference. Free play games do not allow players to withdraw their winnings. This means that if you hit the jackpot, you won’t be able to fully enjoy it. Hopefully, by then players will want to play for real money.

When you play for free, it is also risk-free. This means that you do not need to deposit or pay money to play the game. offers a great selection of free play games like slots to get you going. With over 500 slots to choose from, why not try out one or two new slot games?

How do odds work?

Odds explained in the simplest way is the chance of a player winning a bet. Casino betting odds tell players how likely they are to win. Odds usually also show the amount of money that can be won.

For example: Take a normal dice. There are 6 sides on a dice. So when you roll a dice there are 6 possibilities. If a player bets that the dice will land on a 4 the odds of that happening are around 16.67%. So odds represent the chance of that event happening. Casinos usually display odds as fractions, percentages, or decimals.

If you are still unsure about odds, don’t worry. has you covered. All of the casino games we offer from blackjack, live casino games and slot games explain the odds clearly. This means that players only need to worry about what game to choose.

How to play casino games online

At online casinos, you can take your pick of online slot games, computerized table games like blackjack and roulette, and live casino games that stream from real studios. The base rules remain the same: you need money to play for real, and a solid internet connection.

Playing online slots takes even less effort than playing land-based slots. All you have to do is tap the ‘Spin’ button after setting how much you’re planning on betting per spin. Heck, if that’s too much of a hassle – there’s also an ‘Auto Spin’ function you can use. It’s honestly that easy.

As for table games and live casino, you just choose a table from the ones offered. Soon, the screen you load up a computerized or virtual studio. Just like at a land casino, you have to choose how much to wager and what bets you’d like to place. This is done just by clicking around on the screen of the correct cards and bets available.

In live casino games, you’ll also have the added social interaction of chatting with other players around the table.

Are casino games rigged?

No, casino games are not rigged. Online casinos have measures in place to protect players from being ripped off. These measures include

  • Testing
  • Regulatory Bodies
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Reviews only recommends casinos that have been proven safe and fair, so that players can have the best gaming experience. However, not all casinos and developers are as honest. These dishonest casinos are called rogue casinos. Players should avoid these shady casinos and developers.

Can I play casino games on mobile?

Yes, many casino games can be played on mobile devices. This includes tablets, Android phones, and iPhones.

Over the years the number of casino games that can be played on mobile has increased. Meaning, that players should be able to enjoy all their favourites. Players can also choose to play at mobile casinos. Mobile casinos are casinos that have been built for mobile devices. They work the same way as online casinos but on mobiles. Players will also find these casinos offer exclusive mobile casino bonuses.

Advantages of playing casino games on mobile devices:

  • Play anywhere
  • Mobile casino bonuses
  • Optimized games
  • Faster




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