Have you ever thought ‘this game of Baccarat is taking too long’ (and let’s face it, if you’re a pro – then you probably have)?

If that’s the case, then we are happy to announce that you no longer need to have that thought!

Say hello to the one, the only – Evolution Gaming’s Live Speed Baccarat. With this new and improved version of the infamous casino game, you don’t need to wait around anymore. With round-times almost being halved, the excitement can potentially be doubled.

It’s super easy to understand what this game will provide, even by simply looking at the name. With the concept of ‘Speed’ being added to a title, it is pretty clear that it is a faster (if not shorter) version of the base game.

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How is Speed Baccarat Played?

Speed Baccarat Review - Evolution Gaming

You’ve probably already encountered Baccarat at least once in your life. Whether that is due to a James Bond movie, previous experience or because you had read about it on this site, Baccarat is a staple game found at many an online casino.

Baccarat and Speed Baccarat are pretty much the exact same thing when it comes to gameplay.

To fully understand Live Speed Baccarat, we have to of course make sure that we understand regular Baccarat. To some, it is an incredibly complicated game with many foreign words and loads of bullsh**. To others, it is the easiest casino game to play.

Baccarat Basics

Baccarat is a game of chance. There is of course a certain amount of understanding that comes with experience, but essentially it is not a game of skill. The player plays against a single opponent, known as the ‘bank’ who is also the dealer.

The point of the game is to get a high single-digit amount with the addition of your cards’ values. Face-cards and 10s do not count towards that score. Preferably, you would like to see a score of 7, 8 or 9 as these are the highest scores and therefore the numbers with the highest winning outcomes.

There are three possible outcomes you can bet on in a round of Baccarat. Those options are Banker (where you expect the dealer to win), you can bet on the player, or the most profitable option is a Tie. In this tie option, the payouts are the largest but it is also the least likely to happen.

Regardless, this is a casino game that has been played for generations, although the current desire to play has been dwindling in recent years. With the introduction of Live Baccarat, that interest has been reignited, allowing for a demand for this faster, more exciting release!

How Baccarat vs. Speed Baccarat Works

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The main differences between Baccarat and Speed Baccarat are few. Instead of a normal time to bet, this fast-paced game requires you to submit your bet within 12 seconds! As a result, the dealer can quickly get along with their role in the round.

That being said, this role of theirs is a small one, considering that the entire round will last a measly 27 seconds from beginning to end! That includes the 12 seconds taken by the player for betting. Compared to the typical 48 second rounds on normal Live Baccarat, this is an enormous step up.

Online Casino Bonus - meeting wagering requirementsThere are no differences in rules in the game. That means that there is no requirement to undergo any real research before playing Speed Baccarat – given you understand and know the rules of regular Baccarat as well.

Considering that this is a table game that is played individually, shortening the time per round is a viable change that makes a real difference to the live casino experience.

This is totally opposite to what is possible in other Live Casino table games, such as Roulette. In those games, multiple players are betting on numerous different options and therefore the game’s rounds take longer.


What are the Pros of Speed Baccarat?

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In a game that already does not take a lot of time to complete a round, shortening is a difficult task. Yet, Evolution Gaming has certainly achieved it, without sacrificing any qualitative aspects of the beautiful game of Baccarat.

The only thing that Evolution has removed from this Live Speed Baccarat is the time-consuming features of the other and original versions of the game. This allows every player to take advantage of the fast-paced action that is to be had at these tables.

Aside from being super fast, the other great feature of Speed Baccarat is that it retains the plethora of bet options available for players. Given that Speed Baccarat offers everything that Baccarat does – just in half the time – it makes it the absolute perfect choice for the professionals.

What can I expect from Evolution?


With the constant technological advancements happening in the world, the casino industry simply cannot stay behind. Therefore, new innovations need to be implemented in this industry to keep it from stagnating. Luckily, Evolution Gaming is a market-leader for live casino in this instance.

Which, good news for us, also means that Evolution’s Speed Baccarat game is a quality product among all the rest.

With the launch of Evolution Gaming in 2006, the world didn’t know it was in need of an entirely live casino-focused software provider. As a result, the beginnings for Evolution were rather slow. Given time, this company started to get more widespread recognition and due to its frequent innovations keeps the online casino world on its feet.

With a staggering eight consecutive Live Casino Operator of the Year Awards, it’s safe to say that Evolution Gaming has had a rather considerable impression on the online casino world.

Recently, Evolution Gaming announced their intent on creating more games and tables that are designed for Virtual Reality-headsets.

With all of the Speed Baccarat being broadcast from their main offices in Riga, Latvia, an entire team of very professional dealers will be ready to help you through your journey that is Evolution Gaming’s Live Casino games!

Can we recommend Speed Baccarat?

We absolutely can! Whether you’re looking to play a fast paced game, this is certainly it! Due to the fact that it is indeed a game of chance, it doesn’t require as much preparation. As a result, the rounds are a staggering 27 seconds short, leading to the ability to play lots and lots of games in a short amount of time – so it is also perfect if you haven’t got much time.

All things said and done, this is the perfect choice for CA players who also happen to be baccarat fans. The pace is fast, the excitement real, and – of course – the payout even sweeter.

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