5 eSports Bets You Wish Were Real

Written by Geraldine 7 February 2018

eSports Betting Gaming LogoAll eSports fans, who tune in to live-streams of major tournaments, like a good bet. Now that eSports has gained substantial support from major sports channels like ESPN (and even a nod from the Olympic Committee), eSports betting has really taken off too.

Players can bet on who'll win in round 3, who'll win at least one map in Dota2, and on the exact score attained by the end of the match. All fun stuff, but it still feels like online sportsbooks don't understand the full potential of eSports games. The complexity of the gameplay allows for many more bets than is possible from, say, football or basketball. And sometimes we just wish there was more diversity in the types of bets available.

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Which is why we've come up with a short top 5 list of what we wish we could bet on. Live, while the game is unfolding before our very eyes. Now that would really up the stakes, and triple the fun factor of betting on eSports in general. Right now, you can bet on League of Legends (LoL), Dota2, Counter-Strike, Overwatch and Starcraft at online sportsbooks. So our list is restricted to these games in particular.

Want to see what we're on about? Scroll a little further down and tell us if you agree or not.

Next Headshot (Counter-Strike)

Counter-Strike (CS) is everyone's favorite multiplayer first-person shooter. There are many ways you can carry out a killing, but the most skillful (and entertaining) way is probably a headshot. It would be pretty great to be able to bet on the next headshot in the game – from which player it'll come, and who'll get killed by it.

Since this is such a difficult shot, the stakes on this could be really high. Which makes the payout all the bigger.

Diffuses Bomb (Counter-Strike)

If a team is playing as the Counter-Terrorists, then one of their jobs is to diffuse the bomb. A difficult task, and a real high in the game when it's successfully carried out. Again – since this is a hard action to accomplish, betting odds could turn out great. Not to mention, the doubled anticipation of waiting for the team to diffuse the bomb and seeing if you won the bet would be something to beat.

The same type of bet could apply to saving hostages as well, for example.

Minions Defeated (LoL)

They spawn, and they're everywhere. And they're fun to defeat.

Another awesome bet type would be on the amount of minions defeated in a single game. The bet with the closest number wins. Simple enough. To make it a bit more complex, it could be narrowed down to which player kills the most minions, and so on.

Time Before Destroying Turret/Ancient (LoL and Dota2)

One of the aims of the game in LoL is to destroy the turrets, and in Dota2 to destroy the Ancient (duh). In order to end the game, these things have to happen – so betting on the likelihood of their happening would be useless and boring.

But, betting on the time it takes to destroy the turrets or Ancient would definitely spice things up a bit. At least, that's a bet we'd make for sure.

Time Until Player Kill (Overwatch)

Overwatch is potentially one of the most dynamic eSports games that you can watch. Imagine being able to also place live bets on who the next kill could be. Not just who gets eliminated, but also who does the eliminating. After all, when you're in a deatchmatch, it's pretty much the entire point of the map and one of the biggest events in the game round.

These are just 5 eSports bets we'd love to see in our sportsbooks. Unfortunately, they're not available (currently).

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