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Written by Geraldine 1 August 2017

SuperLenny Casino The Deer HimselfWednesdays are potentially the worst day of the week. Hear us out – Mondays are bad, true, but at least you're still pumped from the weekend. Wednesday is when that mid-week slump hits. It's already been two days since the last weekend, and there's another two days left until the next weekend. But great news guys! SuperLenny Casino has designed Bonus Round Boosters for all Wednesdays from now on! 

They're just the little pick-me up you need in the middle of the week. Something that speeds things up, and makes your day just a little more exciting. All within reason, of course. To find out more about these Bonus Round Boosters, continue reading below. And then prepare yourself. Because, guess what? Tomorrow it's Wednesday!

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SuperLenny Assignments and BUX

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SuperLenny, the moose, the myth, the legend, is known for his generosity with players. That's why every month customers get assigned an ‘assignment' from SuperLenny himself. The aim of the game in these assignments is to spin and play until you fill up the progress bar. Straightforward enough.

The assignments vary from one month to the next, to keep the players on their toes and also to keep things fresh. What's the point of completing these assignments? It's not just for entertainment purposes, if that's what you're thinking. Once an assignment has been completed – players will get rewarded with BUX.

BUX is the currency that SuperLenny Casino uses within its system. You can read up on it in more detail in our SuperLenny Casino review. But basically, you can exchange BUX for goodies like free spins and more.

Completing monthly assignments is fun enough in its own right, especially when you get rewarded with BUX. Add to that the Bonus Round Boosters every Wednesday, and things get doubly interesting.

Bonus Round Boosters Wednesday

During the Bonus Round Booster promotion, players have to pick 1 of the available Bonus Round Assignment games. Meaning, there's going to be a limited selection of games that players can choose from. Players then have to stick to playing only on these games for the rest of the day in order to take full advantage of the Bonus Round Booster.

Then, every time a player manages to gain access to the bonus round of the selected game, the assignment progress bar will start to fill up pretty rapidly. Precisely speaking, it'll fill up twice as fast as it normally does. For an entire day! You could really get ahead in your assignment in that way, and those BUX will be closer than ever.

When you finally reach 100% on the progress bar, the assignment will be complete and the BUX paid out. 

What's really great about this promotion is that you can then exchange the BUX for some free spins, and just get back to spinning again. Only this time it'll be on a slot game of your choosing.

Like what you read? Then head on over to SuperLenny Casino and prepare yourself for the ultimate mid-week booster! It'll get you through till Friday, and another promotion.