e-Sports betting SuperLennySuperLenny Casino has just announced some exciting news for e-Sports fans and gamers alike. E-Sports betting will now be available at SuperLenny from today onwards. That means that anyone who is interested in the scene and knows what tournaments are coming up can place money on who they think will win. It's just as easy as betting on, say, football or horse-racing. All you need is a SuperLenny account, and a betting slip. 

E-Sports has become huge in recent years, although e-Sports betting is a relatively new activity. It's no wonder that a big sportsbook casino like SuperLenny has decided to catch up with the times and open up e-Sports betting events. This will not only make the fans happy, but likely rake in substantial sums of money for the sportsbook itself.

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What is E-Sports Betting?

e-Sports Betting
We've already written an entire guide to e-Sports, so we're not going to go into much detail here. But, basically, to quote ourselves here:

eSports is short for ‘electronic sports’, and it involves gamers coming together from all over the world to go head-to-head in a gaming competition.

They go head to head in massive tournaments that attracts thousands of viewers, in physical and online audiences, and even more money. In 2015, the estimated audience for the e-Sports tournaments going on was estimated to be around 225 million. Yep, 225 million obsessed gamers who are willing to bet hundreds of money on a ‘sport' that they love.

E-Sports betting was introduced roughly a year ago, which makes it new territory for most sportsbook casinos. It only became a serious contender with other sports in terms of betting when major sports networks like ESPN started to broadcast the tournaments. SuperLenny Casino is taking big, innovative steps in the right direction by adding e-Sports to its already large repertoire of sports events.

eSports Betting - Gaming arena

E-Sports Betting at SuperLenny Casino

eSports Betting Gaming Logo
E-Sports only involves a set of games that can be played, not every video game under the sun. SuperLenny Casino doesn't offer betting on all these types of games. Instead, it offers betting on CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) and League of Legends. 

These games are currently two of the most popular in the e-Sports setting. They attract not only the best pros around, but also some of the most avid followers. It makes sense for SuperLenny to have these two games in particular open for betting on. Your betting slip can quickly fill up with the amount of tournaments centered around them. 

Currently, there's the ESEA Premier Season 25 going on for CS:GO, and a lot of other events for League of Legends. Players, and gamers, will have plenty of betting odds to choose from when deciding to wager their money on tournaments involving these games.

What are you waiting for? The world of e-Sports is big and inviting. It can be just as immersive and exciting as the physical sport you're more used to. Widen your betting horizons, and get into e-Sports betting with SuperLenny Casino. All you need to do is click your way over there.

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