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Written by Geraldine 14 September 2017

Kaboo Casino was established in 2015, and while it has undergone a number of updates since then, this is by far the biggest and best. Not only has Kaboo undergone a total image change (if you thought it looked cool before, wait till you see it now) but it's added even more special features to its gameplay. In our humble opinion, Kaboo Relics and Credits have completely changed the playing-field for this online casino. Starting today, you too could be enjoying all the extra pieces of awesome that Kaboo has added on.

While you can read the full Kaboo Casino review here, in this article we'll be briefing through some of the major changes. And why you should care about them.

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What's new with Kaboo?

Kaboo Casino Relic
From the outset, Kaboo Casino had a futuristic alien space theme going on. It was fresh even then, but now Kaboo has developed that concept by adding game elements like Kaboo Relics and Kaboo Credits to the system. What are these interesting sounding features?

1. Kaboo Relics

Kaboo Relics are sort of like space gifts you'd imagine finding floating around in orbit. They look alien, and best of all they promise great prizes every time you open one. As you play games in the casino, you'll find yourself leveling up and getting awarded with Relics. Crack one open, and depending on how high your level is, you'll either get bonus money, Credits, cash or even a jackpot sum. The number of Relics you can win throughout your experience with Kaboo is infinite.

2. Kaboo CreditsKaboo Casino Types of Relics

Credits are what Kaboo is using as a monetary system instead of free spins. Now, when you first sign up with the casino, instead of getting 100 free spins you get 100 Credits. The Credits can be exchanged for free spins. Relics also can award you with Credits, which are actually free spins. Credits can also be awarded through different promotions and offers. Why are they so great? Read below.

Why you should care: Kaboo Relics and Credits

Kaboo Casino Planet
Relics are so great because they're unique in the online casino world in terms of payout and design. Not only do they make being a player with Kaboo Casino double the fun because you have to achieve them, but they also guarantee amazing prizes. It's not everyday a casino awards players regularly with real cash, free spins (no wagering), jackpots and bonuses (20x wagering). The fact that there's an infinite amount to be opened makes everything that much more exciting.

Especially when it comes to Canadian players, Credits are an equally intriguing feature of the casino. That's because of two main reasons: 1. it eliminates wagering requirements on free spins, so your winnings can be withdrawn immediately; 2. Credits allow players to use their free spins on whatever slot they want. This is huge! CA players don't have to worry about getting stuck with a game they don't like because they can't play NetEnt slots, or not getting any free spins at all. The possibilities are endless with Kaboo Credits. They're an incredibly flexible feature which is ideal for players around the world.

What are you waiting around for? Join Kaboo in its quest of the unknown, and go hunt down some Relics!

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