NEW Rizk Races – Win between $500-$1000 twice a day!


Written by Geraldine 3 July 2017

Rizk Casino has constantly proved itself as one of the top online casinos around time and time again. Not only does it have one of the best concepts (Captain Rizk and his adorable dog side-kick), great customer service and fast withdrawal speeds, but the casino also comes with some awesome features. The Wheel of Rizk is just one of these features. And the Rizk Races are another one of these features. That's why we're so excited that Rizk Casino has just launched an all new and improved update on this aspect of the casino.

Rizk Races have always been a long-time favorite of casino players. And with good reason. The Races used to provide weekly opportunities at winning fantastic prizes, including some cold hard cash. But things have changed now; in a kick-ass way for the better.

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What's new about the updated Rizk Races?

There's one very important difference between the old Rizk Races and the new Rizk Races. Their frequency. I.e. how many times they occur within a week.

The old Races used to take place over the span of a week, and no new ones were announced during said week. Now, new Races are announced every 30 minutes and main races (the ones with huge prizes) take place twice a day. This might seem like a small change, but – trust us – it's actually an enormous difference that really works in the player's favor. It means that the casino is willing to bet more on its players than before, because its customers will definitely be winning more money than before. Not to mention that the main races can award anywhere between $500 – $1000 each time, twice per day! That's a lot of money when you think about it.

It's definitely great news for the players – signing up with Rizk Casino just became a whole lot more profitable. And all you have to do is spin some slots.

How Rizk Races work

Rizk Races trophy

Joining a race is very straightforward. Once you enter the casino site, all you have to do is click over to the left side-bar to be taken to the Rizk Races page. From there, you just have to spin a lot of reels on particular games. Each Rizk Race will specify what that game is, the time-limit of the race, and the set of spins you have to complete within that time. Whoever comes out of the race with the most point wins. And the prizes are no joke, players can win: free money, free spins and Super spins in the Race All Day events. That's just for the common every-30-minutes races. The main races can award the winning player anywhere between $500 – $1000.

The points for the winning player are calculated as follows:

– Every win = 10 points
– 3 wins in a row = 50 points
– 7 losses in a row = 50 points
– Big wins (minimum 10x the original bet) = 150 points

The best part about the Rizk Races is that all prizes at the end of the race are wagering free. Plus, it doesn't matter what kind of bet amount you place on your spins – all players get an equal chance at winning the race. Not bad at all.

What are you waiting for?

As you can see, you can't really go wrong by joining one of these Rizk Races. In fact, they're such an awesome feature that you'll be doing yourself a favor by throwing yourself in as a competitor. Given that this is an integral part of Rizk Casino, we honestly don't know why anybody would wait around and not sign up with this online casino.

Long story short – head over to Rizk, and get in the race today! With those kinds of prizes, we're 120% you won't regret it.

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