Super Snowball Christmas – Win Cash, Tech, Harley D & more!

Written by Geraldine 6 December 2017

Casumo Casino is throwing the first shot in this epic snowball fight. Join in the Super Snowball campaign this year and you'll definitely be hit by tens of rewards and prizes, beyond anything you've dreamed of. We're talking normal rewards like free spins and bonuses, and then some super special prizes too. All this and more could be yours this Christmas.

The Casumo campaign started on the 27th of November, and will continue on until the 16th of January. If you count it up, that's 50 whole days of enjoying Christmas (and 7 massive prizes to boot). Pick up a snowball, and don't miss out on the fun this year with Casumo. Read the article below for more information.

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Super Snowball - Casumo prizes


In order to participate in this promotion, players need to collect 4 Snowballs in one week.

A Snowball is like a token: if players deposit a minimum of $20, they'll receive 1 Snowball per day. The Snowball will then go towards the draw. The limit is just the one Snowball. When you collect 4, you automatically become eligible for the weekly draw – which just has the one weekly winner.

Although the first Snowball is given away by the casino through a simple $20 deposit, the other Snowballs must be found by cracking open upgraded Prize Chests.

Super Snowball - Casumo snowballs

Daily Prize Chest

When players log in to their accounts during the promotional period, they'll automatically get a Wooden Prize Chest (see below). This Wooden Prize Chest will be presented to players every single day. The chest contains goodies like free spins on a particular game, or a deposit bonus. Players will have 24 hours to open the Chest and claim the prizes inside. 


If you want to take part in the weekly draw, you need to hold off on opening the Wooden Chest and instead upgrade to another chest. There is a Silver, Gold and Diamond chest to choose from. Snowballs can be found exclusively inside these upgraded chests.

The value of the upgraded chests goes like this:

  • Silver Prize Chest: deposit between $20 – $49
  • Gold Prize Chest: deposit between $50 – $99
  • Diamond Prize Chest: deposit $100 or more

The option of what you'd prefer is up to you, but since you only need 4 snowballs and there are more than 4 days in a week, you can still get the best of both worlds. Meaning, you can collect the three other snowballs you need and still get your daily prizes.

Super Snowball - Casumo chests

Super Snowball Prizes and more!

The draw takes place at the end of each week. Players log in and (if they have collected all 4 Snowballs) will find a Super Snowball awaiting them.

Players have to crush the Super Snowball in order to find (guaranteed) prizes and also to see if they've won the weekly prize. The main weekly prizes are as follows:


Dec 4th – Zanzibar
& Tanzania Safari

Dec 11th – €/£10000
Cash Prize

Dec 25th – €/£10000
Cash Prize

Jan 15th – €/£10000
Cash Prize

Dec 18th – 2018
Harley-Davidson Street 750

Jan 1st – 1015 Digital
Jukeboxsound Leisure

Jan 8th – Tech Bundle


If you want to take a shot at winning any one of these amazing prizes, hit the Visit Casino button and start getting prizes!