Tony Bloom Takes The Seat Of Power After £200 Million Investment In Brighton


Written by Adam 11 October 2016


Different to most speculators found in the boardroom where football decisions are made, Tony Bloom is both a successful gambler and owner of The Brighton & Hobe Albion Club. His nickname “The Lizard” he got from cold-hearted decision-making at the poker tables according to the, who also describes him as the most successful punter on the planet.
While Bloom is an extremist when it comes to privacy or agreeing to interviews former Cricket Captain, Mike Atherton, provide some information regarding the man worth multi-billions in his book. The book is called Gambling and every page is an eye-opener, while the book written by Ian Wooldridge, is quite brilliant according to the Daily Mail.

Brilliant and High Profile Poker Player

Tony Bloom is described as leading a double life in the book one consisting of being one of the biggest gamblers and at the same time a high profile poker player named The Lizard. The poker according to Atherton's book is for fun, recreation and relaxation and what makes Bloom the biggest player in Europe or the world is his sports betting especially on football. Mike Bloom started gambling from a very young age and he was no stranger to betting shops in Brighton where he used a fake ID at times to get entrance. He was not always successful in gambling and got involved at the Manchester University with sports that then gave him a hobby combined sports & betting, a perfect hobby that paid. Working at Ernest & Young and still betting on sports in his spare time he had a bankroll of £20,000 in 1993, accumulated from sports betting. After entering the city he traded for 6 months on the LIFFE floor and felt that he made much more from gambling.

Tony Bloom – True Gambler At Heart

Atherton says Tony Bloom is a gambler at heart that likes to take a position instead of hedging and once he takes a decision that is it, it could be a good bet or not and for Bloom, it's all about taking risk, betting aggressively and he strongly believes that to win big you occasionally have to take the risk. Since Bloom recognized that gambling is what he wanted to do he decided to get good at it and as a punter, he became a specialist and is an expert at sports betting.


He related to Atherton that losing in his early years of gambling showed him what not to do and that it was the desire to have lots of money that overrode his constant gambling desire. He made himself a promise that he would be disciplined and knowing that he wanted to gamble because he enjoyed it, made Bloom realize he needed to do it properly in order to win without losing money.

Myth of Bloom's Career

The Argus reported in 2009 that Tony Bloom's love of gambling started on fruit machines and that betting remained a large part of his fortune building even after his grandfather passed away. According to a former employee, the story Tony shares as the founding myth of his career is when he persuaded Victor Chandler to bet on the France to Beat Brazil match in the tournament. Bloom was convinced that the market underestimated a French victory and when a 3-0 victory over Brazil was the end result huge prizes were netted.

His company Starlizard is more of a betting consultancy and does not accept bets, although its main function is to advise high rollers. The same article also explains how employee profit sharing works and that a free share is offered that could provide shareholders with weekly funds with a value of up to £500,000 and that is when Bloom enjoys winning, if not the shareholders fund the pot with money from their won pockets. What Tony Bloom is worth is not known to anyone although it is guessed to be billions.

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