Virtual reality gambling is expected to increase by 800% driven by high rollers in 2021, which is in the next 5 years. While it sounds unreal studies by Juniper Research shown that virtual reality gambling have produced over US$58.5 million this year and is estimated to reach close to US$520 million in 2021. 360-degree cameras, headset sales and gaming accessories as well as virtual reality could increase from its current US$5 million per year to over US$50 billion by the year 2021. The UK-based research company also explained that in land-based casinos high-rollers normally dictates a casino's fortunes and that it would be the same situation in the virtual reality realm, VR would be coupled with high-rollers and niche clientele resulting in comparatively larger wagers shared Lauren Foye after research.

The growth in virtual reality in the casino industry indeed fits perfect with the trend towards online and mobile betting. Jupiter Research's latest data also found that the value of online gambling is in excess of US$550 billion this year and that it would reach almost US$950 billion worldwide in 2021. The total wagering levels plus total spend on digital goods and services will by 2021 exceed US$1 trillion.

Facebook Teams Up With Lucasfilm To Virtually Astonish

It comes at no surprise that social gaming is the most major stream of revenue for Facebook. Vanity Fair's articles in 2015 reported on reasons why $2billion was spent by media giant Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg when he obtained the Oculus Rift, the clear frontrunner in the VR sphere. It all boiled down to what he said really, which was that this would be the future of Facebook. He then teamed up with Lucasfilm the creators of Star Wars to demonstrate the jaw-dropping proficiencies of the innovative technology available to millions of users.

Virtual Reality reached the point where it moves from being a fad to an extremely usable fixture offering millions of people an experience they would never have had and when Zuckerberg obtained the Oculus his infectious enthusiasm made him realize it's a game-changer and there will simply be no going back. There is barely an industry that has not been changed or positively affected by VR already and by the end of 2016, you would be able to be there…without being there. Described as the next major computing platform VR will allow users to compare hotels in the Maldives and to attend major sports events anywhere in the world from the comfort of their armchair, without ever leaving the house.

The Future Of Online Gambling Entertainment

The most prominent trend in online gambling had been talked about seriously for the past 5 years but has only recently entered the online gambling industry. In the coming month leading towards the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 more technology advancements is expected as well as even bigger competing across the board by VR hardware and software suppliers. In online gambling, there is no doubt that virtual reality will have the greatest impact ever on the gambling market and also proof to be the biggest transference of land-based players joining the VR-enhanced online casinos.

Virtual Reality is already changing the gaming industry by offering a VR experience that simulated real casino play, players can have a drink at the bar, interact with other players globally or find a game to enjoy in the comfort of their recliner at home. VR revolutionizes how players experience the games; how they play and are capable of portraying it in such a true immersion and presence that casino VR envisions technology that perfectly combines casino gaming and online gaming into one.

Mobile Technology – Changing the Face of Online Gaming

One other industry that is banking on the success of virtual reality is mobile and according to the world's designer for nearly all mobile processors the new Cortex-A73 chip is designed with virtual reality in mind and while VR is what all is based upon this year a new graphics engine is also unveiled called the Mali-G71. Both the new designs are set to enable smartphone makers to excel the new demand for turbocharged processors and to build virtual reality ready smartphone devices.


Mobile technology has been a major driver of the gambling industry and now dominates the market, predictions indicate that mobile gambling figures that astounded in 2013 will double by 2018. While not so long ago mobile technology had a firm grip on the future of online gambling it has now being joined by other wearable gadgets offering players instant access to casino games via watches and wireless headgear. For some consumers, this is more than just subtle progress, yet one thing is for sure and that is that the evolution of VR technology will change the nature of gambling forever.

Gambling is one of the paramount charioteers for this and the virtual reality field is commanding a huge amount of funds and attention and is believed to become a mainstream technology. It is believed that gaming will be the greatest driver of all in which players would get to enjoy an immersive experience. Several Virtual Reality poker rooms are already available online and in 2015 Slots Million casino launched its VR simulates to offer a rendering of many top games from NetEnt and Microgaming and was the first to start the process with regulatory jurisdictions. It is a brave new world, virtual reality gambling is real and it is guaranteed to blow your mind.

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