VoodooDreams Launches Interactive Slot Duels Feature

21 August 2017 Written by: Geraldine

    VoodooDreams Casino hasn’t been around for especially long, but it’s already changing the online casino landscape. Only last week it released its all new (and completely innovative) ‘Slot Duels’ feature. We’re sure this is going to completely change the way players interact with each other and with slots. ‘Exciting’ is an understatement here.

    Slot Duels are the first of their kind, and we can’t wait to tell you all about them and how they work. You can get all the details right here in the VoodooDreams Casino review. Or, you could just stick around and read about it here.

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    VoodooDreams Casino Review Slot Duels

    VoodooDreams Casino Welcome Bonus and Special Features

    VoodooDreams Slot Duels

    VoodooDreams was already a fun casino in its own right, before the Slot Duels. Aside from the $1000 welcome bonus that CA players can take advantage of at any time, it also has a complex loyalty program system that’s unique to the casino.

    For one, players get two different types of points: Experience Points (XP) and Spirit Points (SP) when they play slots and other games with VoodooDreams. XP help the player level-up their status in the casino. The higher your level, the better the quality of the bonuses you unlock. Only, VoodooDreams calls bonuses ‘spells’, and you need SP to be able to cast these spells. The more SP you have, again the better bonus you can unlock.

    So, together, XP and SP can get you some sweet deals and bonuses. Plus – they’re great examples of the type of fun gameplay that VoodooDreams creates for its players.

    PS: for those of you who aren’t Canadian, you’ll also get 200 free spins with the welcome bonus. The free spins can be used on NetEnt slots.

    VoodooDreams Slot Duels

    Slot Duels are probably one of the most engaging, fun features we’ve ever seen at a casino. iGamers get to go head to head in a slot battle against a randomly chosen opponent from the casino.

    VoodooDreams’ Slot Duels come with their own Points: Health Points (HP). The aim of the game is to finish the Duel with more HP than your opponent. You inflict damage onto yourself when you lose money on the reels, and you attack by winning on the reels. Sounds nail-biting right? That’s because everything has an extra edge when real money is involved.

    Signing up for the Slot Duels is completely free, and each match lasts about 10 minutes. This is great, because it means no matter what – the casino is making sure no player gets screwed over by losing too much money. Players even have the liberty to choose between four different battle modes to enter the duel with, according to what they’re willing to win/lose: Defensive mode, Balanced mode, Aggressive mode and Rage mode.

    Just like any kind of 1-1 game you’d play online, the winner gets the glory of the fight. But, unlike any other game you’d play online, the winner of Slot Duels also gets an attractive bonus.

    Sign up to VoodooDreams

    If you want a slice of the Slot Duels action, then have no fear. All you have to do is hit that ‘Visit Casino’ button and you can head straight into battle. Slot Duels are a clear sign of how the casino industry is developing in exciting new ways, towards player interaction. Only recently we got word that the new Highroller Casino, set to be released later this year, would be focused on player interaction as well.

    Get ahead of the curb, and start dueling!

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