King of Blackjack – Playfrank Weekend – Win up to 20% Cashback

8 September 2017 Written by: Geraldine

    Calling all blackjack fans! Whether you’re into live casino blackjack or table game blackjack, you’re going to want to hear us out on this one. Playfrank Casino is hosting its King of Blackjack weekend promotion once again between tomorrow, Saturday 9th September, and Sunday 10th September. For these two days, you can play to win and lose on the great game of 21, but – no matter what – you’ll always come out of this promo a slam-dunk winner.

    This weekend promotion is offering Playfrank players a cashback guarantee of 5%. But the great news is that it can go all the way up to 20% back on your losses. Intrigued? Ready to take a hit at what we’re saying? Then read on for the 411 on the King of Blackjack promotion.

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    King of Blackjack Weekend Promotion

    Weekend Promotion – King of Blackjack

    During the King of Blackjack challenge, all you need to do is win a game of blackjack at least 20 times during the two days of the weekend. If you manage to win at least 20, you’ll immediately be given a 5% up to $100 cashback deal on all your losses on blackjack after the weekend. So, for example, let’s say you’ve lost $20 betting on blackjack. That means that on Monday, the casino will credit your account with $1 (because 20 x 0.05 = 1). So you’ll actually have lost $19, not $20. Every little counts!

    Obviously, the more you lose the higher that cashback will be. The maximum amount you can get back is $100. But it’s always a great boost to see that you’re being given a bit of that cheddar you lost. And of course you’ll still have the money from the wins all to yourself. It’s a great deal if you’re a fan of blackjack, because you can just stick to your normal gameplay and be a little happier knowing you’re getting 5% back on Monday. Cashbacks are a great little gift like that.

    King of Blackjack – Top Three Winners

    Playfrank Weekend Promotion - King of Blackjack

    The best part about this weekend promotion is for those lucky three players who manage to go above and beyond the 20 wins. The top 3 players who win at least 100, 300 or 500 wins will receive much higher cashbacks. And also get a cool title. Take a look:

    1. Baron of Blackjack: first winner who makes it to 100 wins
    2. Duke of Blackjack: first winner who makes it to 300 wins
    3. King of Blackjack: first winner who makes it to 500 wins

    Pretty sweet, right?

    But we know you care more about what sort of prize you’re getting in return (aside from bragging rights that you actually won 100+ games of blackjack in a weekend). According to the number of wins you get, you’ll also get an equally fantastic cashback offer:

    • Baron of Blackjack: 10% cashback up to $2000 on your losses
    • Duke of Blackjack: 15% cashback up to $2000 on your losses
    • King of Blackjack: 20% cashback up to $2000 on your losses.

    So, not only are you guaranteed a 5% cashback at the bare minimum, you might also win either a 10%, 15% or 20% cashback depending on how much you win.

    If this sounds like an enticing deal, hop on over to Playfrank Casino and get started. Don’t worry, signing up is as easy as counting to 21.

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