Online Casino Guide - IconIf one were to create an infographic of online casino history, it would include how its humble origin led to the current level of sophistication where mobile accessibility, social gambling, and multi-million dollar jackpots have become an industry standard. The beginnings of the online casino story began in the mid-nineties. However, it was with the turn of the century that online casinos began to see it become a legitimate business. Since its beginnings, there have been many milestones achieved in the world of online casinos, and many more will follow as technology improves or new technology emerges.

The first of those milestones came when Microgaming, a leading casino game software company, began operations at the beginning of 1994, and six months later saw another milestone with the first online casino opening. While this was the birth of what is now a multi-billion dollar industry, there have been many other milestones that have shaped the landscape of online casino gambling as we know it now. A few of these include:

January 1998Launch of the first Internet poker room
June 1998Microgaming launches first network progressive jackpot slot Cash Splash
May 1999The month that saw the 700th online casino open
November 2000Launch of the first Internet poker room
January 1998Microgaming releases another network progressive, Lots a Loot
May 2003eCOGRA, an independent standard authority is created
March 2005Microgaming partners with Spin3 to create mobile casino software
September 2006The month that saw online casinos grow to 2,300
November 2006United States Senate passes the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act
May 2008Progressive slots see jackpots pass the $5.5 million mark
January 2010The month that online gambling saw growth of 12.5%
January 2011The month that a player won a $11.7 million progressive jackpot on NetEnt;s Mega Fortune slot
July 2013Online casinos join the social gaming rush
January 2014Bitcoin enters the picture as an accepted crypto-currency
October 2015Microgaming celebrates its biggest progressive jackpot win of £13,213,838.68

Essential Information For Understanding Online Casinos

Online Casino Guide - List

Our online casino guide is designed to help beginners and those who have never enjoyed gaming at online casinos. The goal is to ensure that new players enjoy all the benefits of casino games from the get go, and with so many things to take into consideration, it can seem almost overwhelming. Our essential online casino guide offers the information needed to understand what the world of online casino has to offer, and is packed with useful tips and tricks to help you get started.

That information includes understanding the difference between online casinos and land-based casinos, understanding random number generators, security and fairness at online casinos, different software platforms, welcome bonuses, rewards and selecting an online casino.

As you delve deeper into this first chapter, you will have a basic understanding of what to expect. We start with the History of Online Gambling, and How it Impacted an Industry, and then progress and include chapters relating to casino bonuses, game variety, and an ultimate guide to slots and how they work. We the move on and explain how to find the best online casinos, understanding why that matters and what you need to know. Finally, we discuss the benefits of being a regular player and how that relates to you.

Now, before you start playing here are some casino basics required to enjoy a successful start to your online casino gaming experience.

Online Casino Game Entertainment

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Online Casino games are currently the leading form of entertainment worldwide. The reasons are rather simple and include availability, variety, quality, higher payouts and most importantly, convenience, as players get to play when and where they want.

Casino games are considered as games of chance, since their outcomes are determined randomly. Games of chance include placing a bet in roulette, the turn of a card when playing card games or the roll of a dice, and of course, slots. Part of the excitement is that players have no control over the outcome, and it is important to know that results are unpredictable. This is an essential aspect of enjoying gambling as winning or losing comes down to luck in games of this kind.

Online gaming has grown to become one of the most popular forms of adult entertainment as it provides the chance to relax and enjoy down time. However, it is also important to play responsibly and discipline with the money you set aside for gambling. Set an entertainment budget, never chase losses and always remember gambling is like paying to see a movie, if you enjoyed your time, then ultimately you have come out a winner. Playing with this mindset makes time spent at an online casino much more enjoyable.

There are thousands of online games to choose from. Common choices include slots, video poker, table and card games. A few other areas of interest sees the inclusion of sports betting, live dealer casino games, poker, bingo, and even financials. The most important thing is to relax and enjoy the time you spend playing, and by reading through this guide, you will find this form of entertainment allows for hours of enjoyment without the need to leave your house.

Online Casinos versus Land-Based Casinos

Online Casino Guide - Land Casinos

The biggest benefit of playing online is the convenience factor. First, the expense of traveling, food, and drinks are removed from the equation. Secondly, the gaming selection is much larger, games are available 24/7 at online casinos. Waiting for a particular game you wish to play is a thing of the past.

Online casinos offer a much bigger selection of games as they are not space-restricted. Land-based casinos often have to deal with managing the space they have on the casino floor. Adding new games is a cost that can eat up profits and is not a common thing. With an online casino, new games are a constant due to multiple software suppliers releasing new games, with those costs being relatively small. Another advantage to online versus land-based is the ability to access the games through a variety of methods such as desktop, Mac, tablets, and smartphones.

While that alone provides many positive arguments that online is the way to go, it is the sheer selection of casinos that are available that cement that argument. Choice is a good thing, it creates competition, and with competition, it is usually the player that comes out ahead. We will further touch on this in our chapter on casino bonuses.

Random Number Generators Explained

Online Casino Guide - RNG

A random number generator (RNG) is a sophisticated program in place to ensure that all casino game outcomes are entirely random. The systems online casinos usually use are Pseudo Random Generators, as these do not need external input such as data or numbers to produce an output, it only requires a seed number and algorithm.

Every millisecond a new seed number is created and by taking the last number produced, a mathematical operation produces random outcomes via divisions, multiplications, additions and subtractions. Reputable online casinos adhere to all licensing regulations. Companies such as Gaming Laboratories International or Technical Systems Testing regularly test software to ensure compliance of their random number generators. The independent testing by third party companies includes a certification that games are fair and RNG certified. This software is employed in land casinos as well, and for all games that produce a change based result. It is crucial that when choosing an online casino, you choose one that has an RNG certification.

Security And Fairness At Online Casinos

Online Casino Guide - Secruity

Online casinos utilize several security measures to protect player’s privacy. That protection is carried out using encryption software via 128-bit secure systems locket. The software protects all information, sent to and from reputable online casinos.

The SSL encryption used at these casinos is the same as used by major banks and other financial institutions. Privacy policies ensure that an online casino will not give players' personal information such as phone numbers, emails or names to other companies. This is critical to have in place, and for many, they fail to understand its importance and how it relates to their overall experience and safety while playing online.

Mobile Casinos
Online Casino - Mobile Casino

Mobile casino software can be divided into three major categories; instant play, download, and mobile. A broad variety of games are available under each and can be enjoyed in multiple languages, and depending on the casino, will accept wagers in a wide variety of currencies.

Downloadable software is compatible with desktops running Microsoft Windows or Mac operation systems. The most popular today is Instant play software as it enables players to access games from web browsers, and thereby eliminate the need to download software. The instant play software uses Adobe flash and is compatible with a broad range of operating systems and mobile devices. Mobile users can access instant games from tablets and smartphones that operate on Android, Blackberry, Windows or iOS.

There are some advantages to using download software as it brings with it more games accessible to the player. However, this only applies to standalone software, and the trend today is multiple software platforms. That means an online casino offers games from multiple software developers, and as such, it only is offered in instant play and mobile.

Joining An Online CasinoOnline Casino Guide - Joining

Selecting the perfect online casino includes several key factors, each having an importance in the overall process of casino selection. This includes verifying that the site is licensed, offers strict security, games certified as fair and random number generated, software availability, customer support, bonuses, gaming variety and the casino's reputation.

The registration process is fast, and information required normally includes name, address, date of birth, email address, contact numbers and setting up a password. Most online casinos reward registration by offering an initial bonus, and as you read through this guide, you will learn more about this in detail.

Once the registration procedure has been completed, each player will be assigned a unique casino account name, or one created by them. The same login details can be used to access a casino account from mobile platforms, desktops or laptops.

Welcome Bonuses And Rewards

Online Casino Guide - Welcome bonuses

Online casinos offer huge welcome bonuses to attract new players, the benefit of accepting a bonus includes in most cases that your initial deposit is doubled, providing more funds to explore the wide variety of games. Welcome packages consist of up to five free bonuses offered across the first five deposits and can also include free spins.

As with any promotional marketing off, you have the option to accept or refuse a welcome bonus offer. It is recommended that new players read our bonus articles in order to utilize bonus funds efficiently, as this is an area that is important to understand. Remember, all bonuses are subject to wagering requirements and are not equal.

Thousands of online casinos compete for new players while their focus is also to retain existing members. Casino members enjoy a wide variety of daily, weekly and monthly promotions, which is the casino's way of ensuring players regularly return.

Loyal members who regularly visit the same casino enjoy the best frequent player rewards and most online casinos now award play via a loyalty point system. Loyalty points can be collected and exchanged for cash bonuses or other goodies offered at online casino shops.

VIP schemes attract not only high rollers but also offer several reward levels, and each level achieved provide increased benefits such as personalized services from account managers, personalized tailored bonus offers, and invitations to VIP exclusive events.


Online casino gaming is the fastest growing form of entertainment worldwide. To get the best benefits, and fully realize the power of online gambling, you first need to find a reliable online casino. Our list of recommended casinos is tried, tested and managed by industry our experts. Each casino is individually reviewed and includes information on its licenses, security, customer services, gaming variety, deposit methods, payout periods, bonuses, wagering requirements and benefits of being a member.

Educated players can look forward to the best online entertainment from their favorite recliner where online casino games not only offer hours of great entertainment but the chances are that you could walk away with great winnings.