Credit and debit cards are the most mainstream banking options used globally and is also the most commonly used payment method for funding online casino accounts. Almost all online casinos are happy to accept deposits made via credit/debit cards and winnings can be withdrawn via the same method. When you make a deposit with a credit card the funds are usually ready instantaneously. It is, however, important to keep in mind that most casinos charge a small fee for deposits made with credit cards.

How to Deposit with a Credit Card

deposit credit cardAll top casinos accept online deposits via credit cards and both credit and debit cards remains the most popular way to enjoy real money gaming for international players. There are plenty of reasons why online players prefer credit/debit cards to fund casino accounts with, including how easy and fast the procedure is, it is also one of the safest options and the funds clear immediately allowing the player to enjoy gaming straight away. Security remains one of the biggest concerns although online casinos now protect members and their information by utilizing secure socket layer P128-bit which is digital encryption technology used by all large financial institutions as well as banks.

Log into your casino account and follow the below steps:

  1. Select “Credit Cards” as the deposit method
  2. Complete the required fields including card number, name on the credit card, date of expiry and CVC number
  3. Wait for card to be registered
  4. Select the desired deposit amount Enter
  5. Click “Deposit”
  6. Wait for deposit approval

Applying For A Credit Card

applying for a credit cardTo qualify for a credit card is not as easy as completing the application, credit card issuers are quite strict and have criteria they consider before granting anyone a credit card. Knowing what how to qualify for a credit card provide applicants with a better understanding of how positive their chances are of qualifying for a credit card. Credit card applicants need to be at least 18 years of age and must have a steady income of their own to be approved unless they have someone to co-sign.

A good credit history will unquestionably increase your chances of being approved, and several financial institutions will only grant a credit card to applicants who have a spotless credit record. Banks or other credit card issuers consider the amount of your outstanding debt and any other credit card balances before approving your application and should they find your credit utilization too high they applicants will be denied. There is still the option to get a co-signer should your application not be successful, and the co-signer goes through the same credit appraisal before the credit card is then granted.

Advantages of Depositing with a Credit Card

Credit Card Payment Option - Online Casinos
  1. Diners Club, Visa, American Express and MasterCard are the most used credit cards and regardless of the credit card used most online casinos follow the same procedure. You simply need to log in and select credit card as a payment method, fill in card details, select amount, type in three digit security code and by clicking the confirm button, the funds should transfer immediately.
  2. Credit cards allow players to deposit funds into their online accounts even if there are no funds available and amounts can quickly accumulate, and then the player need to pay back all monies at the end of the month. Bear in mind, not being able to settle the outstanding balance on credit cards results in interest being charged.
  3. Keeping control of your credit card spending and settling the account on time offer several benefits since credit cards reward regular use with loyalty rewards such as loyalty points and air miles. Online players can accumulate these loyalty points to enjoy holidays. Credit cards offer more protection than debit cards, and under the consumer credit act, everyone is protected whether they spend $100 or $10,000.

Disadvantages of Depositing with a Credit Card

Credit Card Payment Option - Cash
  1. While some online casinos do not charge fees for credit card use, there are several that do charge a fee and the percentage charged varies from one casino to the next. When it comes to withdrawing, processing times do vary from 1 to 5 days, while most online casinos process withdrawals within 24 hours or less.
  2. There is a real risk of overspending with a credit card. If you are one who struggles to control spending, credit card deposits are not ideal. However, applying for a credit card you only use for depositing is a good solution to this and will allow you to set your card limits and thereby control the amount you charge each month.
  3. In several countries, credit/debit card issuers will not allow deposits to online casinos and for that reason, many casinos will pre-warn players that the name on your credit card statement would not reflect the casino’s name. Certain banks will still place your account on hold if a foreign transaction appears out of the blue and once they have confirmed that you are aware of the transaction your account will be unblocked.

Are Credit Cards Safe?

safetyOnline casinos go to great lengths to ensure that member’s financial data and personal information is completely secure at all times. Apart from encryption used to protect all communication to and from the casino, all captured information is stored on firewall protected servers monitored 24/7.

Only authorized staff are allowed near sensitive information and players can rest assured that their details are secure.

Foreign Currency Credit Card Transactions

currency conversionAll foreign currency exchanges and is subject to transaction fees and credit card companies also charges a fee for purchases. Charges vary, and credit card holders normally receive a cost schedule once the card is granted. It is always best to inform your credit card company of overseas purchases of fund transferring to prevent card blocking. Credit cards also allow cash withdrawals and with prearrangement can be used in all countries, although the bank charges are quite high.


Credit Cards offer players freedom when it comes to online and local transactions, and by pre-informing your bank the cards can be used everywhere while it remains one of the easiest to use when you wish to transfer funds to your casino account. Credit cards can also be used by mobile players and saves time via phone, tablet, and desktop while transactions are fast, easy and secure. Using debit /credit cards online offer card holders financial confidence in knowing their privacy and personal details are protected, and credit cards also offer more flexible and convenient ways to gamble while funds could be paid back at a later stage and each transaction are awarded by loyalty points.

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