If youve never heard of or used PayPal before, youre bound to be brimming with questions like

PayPal Online Casino Payment - PayPal Logo

  • Is PayPal safe?
  • Can you use PayPal at a casino?
  • Which online casinos even accept PayPal?

But before we dive into the nitty gritty of how, when and where, lets start with the what. Namely, what is PayPal and how does PayPal work? As payment processes go, youll find that its pretty simple to understand, and once you understand it, its likely to impact the places you choose to trust with your card details and personal information in future.

Think of PayPal as your digital wallet. It holds your credit card, debit card and online banking information and acts as a go-between for you and the person who youre sending money to, and vice versa.

This adds an extra layer of security against any fraudulent sites and transactions you might encounter because theres suddenly a kind of money judge who determines who is right and who is wrong in case of a dispute. The general purpose is to allow you to make money transfers quickly and seamlessly, keeping your online activity moving as safely as possible.

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How do I use PayPal at an online casino?

PayPal Online Casino Payments - Fast checkouts

The good news is that you can use PayPal at a casino, the bad news is that it may be a little trickier for folks based out in Canada. While PayPal is a very common payment method for online purchases in Canada, its less commonly found integrated into gambling sites, especially outside Europe.

In fact PayPal has pulled out of the US entirely, and theyre kind of on the fence when it comes to countries with gaming legislation that sits in a bit of a grey area. So if youre looking to charge up your online casino account with CAD in 2019 using PayPal, you might run into a few difficulties. But all is not lost, we can help you zone in on PayPal friendly online casinos in your region. Check the list up top for more ^. 

PayPal Online Casino Payments - Making a Deposit

Once youve set up your account and found your online casino, the rest is pretty simple. You:

  • sign up for a real money account and link it to your PayPal account (which by now has been loaded up with as many cards or bank transfers as you need)
  • after that youll always be just one simple login away (directly through the casino site) from accessing your funds

That means direct deposits and withdrawals, without mucking around with separate banking logins and so forth. And theres no need to fear keeping all your card information in one place. PayPals transactions are totally protected and anonymous, which means hackers will have a really hard time trying to get access.

How Do I Withdraw from a Casino With PayPal?

Another of the main reasons PayPal has gained so much traction over the years is the simple way a user is able to receive or withdraw funds back into their accounts, be that from friends or business entities. PayPal makes the process fast, easy and reliable with simple steps and minimal waiting time. Dont believe me? Heres how it works in as few words as possible:

  • Log in to your casino account with your username and password for that site.PayPal Online Casino Payments - Withdrawing Money
  • Go to your account section and choose ‘bank’ or ‘balance’. Remember, the terminology may change from site to site but the concept is the same.
  • Once youre in the money section of your account, youll see a ‘withdraw’ button, click it.
  • Youll then be given payment withdrawal options, and one of these will be ‘PayPal’, choose this and sign in to your account.
  • Now all you need to do is wait, but your cash will usually hit your account within one or two days. Simple!

Are there Fees for using PayPal as a Withdrawal Method?

PayPal is completely free to use for the customer. That means there are no fees on your deposits or withdrawals. How can this be? Because PayPal takes its fees from the business side, in this case the casino, leaving you free to keep 100% of your deposits and winning withdrawals.

How Do I Set Up a PayPal Account for Free?

PayPal Online Casino Payment - Creating an Account

Once youve found an online casino that accepts CAD, PayPal is always free to set up. Just follow the easy steps to register an account and load up your card information for fast, secure online payments. Youll be able to make purchases and deposits across thousands of websites without incurring any charges, provided it doesnt require a currency conversion of course!

Need a step by step guide to getting set up? Here you are:PayPal Online Casino Payments - E-Wallet

  • Make sure you select ‘Personal Account’ when given the option.
  • Type in your email address (the one you check most often) and think up a password. Try to strike a balance between memorable and non-generic. Dont use your birthday or last name for example.
  • Then youll be asked to fill out your address and agree to the policies. You know, the ones we always pretend to read but dont.
  • Finally youll need to link your credit card, debit card or online bank account information. Dont worry about this, its totally secure and youll always have to give permission before any money is taken out.
  • Youre good to go! Now you can make online payments through PayPal whenever you see a PayPal logo or the Express Checkout. No need to visit the PayPal site directly anymore, casinos which support it will have a direct link.

Is PayPal Safe?

PayPal Online Casino Payment - Paypal Banner

Considering youre divulging all your personal and financial information, asking whether PayPal is safe is really fair enough. In reality, youd struggle to find a safer option for your online casino deposits and withdrawals.

PayPal is a huge company backed by massive investments in security and technology. This makes them one of the safest payment methods around. In fact, using a credit or debit card alone exposes you to far more risk. I like to think of PayPal as an added layer of bubble wrap, and if its free, why say no?

Advantages of Using a PayPal Casino

PayPal Online Casino Payment - Quote

The list is a long one, so if you get the option, always go for it. Here are the highlights:

It has a reputationPeople know PayPal, theyre not some new kid on the block, even more so since they became a subsidiary of eBay. And as one of the largest banking systems on the market it partners with other big names like MasterCard. That kind of reputation can only benefit you as user, giving your processes such as deposits and withdrawals that extra bit of authority and recognition.
Super fast transfer of fundsMoney goes in and comes out at impressive speed, with a regular waiting time of up to just two days for withdrawals. That means you get a nice little guarantee as to when youll be seeing your winnings. And once youre ready to play again you can transfer funds back into your online account in less than a day.
It supports up to 25 currenciesAnd CAD is one of them so there are no extra fees necessary for currency conversion. PayPal is a powerful e-wallet that works with multi-currencies to help you with seamless transactions each and every time.
You could get exclusive casino bonusesSome online casinos will offer you special bonuses when you choose to deposit and withdraw with PayPal. And if you get to stack this bonus on top of another, such a new user bonus, all the better! How can you say no to being rewarded for making a safer and more convenient choice when using online casinos?
Exceptionally high security As we talked about above, PayPal offers payment security thats almost unparalleled. That means you can feel free to use multiple casinos (provided they accept PayPal) with enviable ease of mind. PayPal also has a reputation as a secure online banking system. Youll be able to complete a transaction simply by logging in with your email address and password. You wont need to provide any details directly to the online casino about your personal bank account, so potentially unsafe sites wont have any access to your personal information.

PayPal is also really tough on the businesses that use its services. They have very strict rules regarding the correct way to do business with customers and wont hesitate to cut ties with that company if they deem them to be in any way fraudulent or shady. People often feel unsure about depositing money with online casinos, as reputations are not always stellar. With PayPal you can feel safe in your choice.

It’s widely acceptedFirst of all, as a large company, youll find many casinos globally that accept PayPal as a payment method. So once you set up an account with PayPal, any new casino you visit that also accepts PayPal will not require you to re-enter all your information. You can feel free to use multiple sites without having to open up numerous accounts with smaller banking companies. All you need is PayPal.


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