Paysafecard logoPaysafecard has become one of the most popular payment methods, not only for online stores but also for online casinos. The service is offered to over 55 countries and can be used at most online casinos while also giving account holders the ability to enjoy secure online shopping with thousands of online stores. The service originated in 2005 and is a U.K. based company, originally known as Ukash, which is where the company name came from as well. It was rebranded to Paysafe later on, in 2015.

Paysafecard is not a credit provider, but merely a financial services provider that offer safer online transactions while also allowing users to keep control of their budgets.

About Paysafecard

currency conversionThe service is very easy to use and can easily be included in any budget. In fact, chances are the service will ensure you remain on the budget. To use Paysafe, a ticket needs to be purchased at any one of the retailers, including over 400,000 outlets. Users have the option of buying a single ticket that includes one big value or multiple cards with smaller amounts to split between requirements. Each card consists of a 19-digit number that will be needed to make payments and deposit funds into online casinos. These ticket values do not have to be the exact amount you would like to spend as the ticket number can be used multiple times. The remaining balance on your ticket can be seen on the Paysafecard website at any time. Multiple tickets can be combined to allow you to make large single deposits.

Should tickets be purchased in a currency not accepted by the casino or online store, Paysafe offers the ability to change the currency on their website. This means less common currencies can be changed to GBP, EUR, USD, or anything else you might need. A debit card is available as well, allowing users to add their ticket values to the card and enjoy shopping at any MasterCard retailer, which is available throughout the world, meaning even traveling becomes a lot safer and easier.

The only disadvantage regarding the service is that withdrawals are not possible as casinos cannot provide these tickets. However, casinos offering Paysafecard are sure also to provide other e-wallet options or adding your payouts directly to your bank account at your request.

Sign Up for a Paysafecard Account

player on laptopSigning up is easy and only takes a few minutes of your time. The website provides a red button where new members can create an account. The form that follows only requires some personal information after which all the Paysafecard features will be available. The website includes the option to purchase tickets as well, making it convenient while traveling. Members can also take full advantage of their account settings, combining tickets, change the currency of your funds, and much more. Once your account has been created, signing up for the debit card is just as easy and can be ordered minutes after signing up. However, if the e-wallet will only be used to transfer money to your casino account, the card is simply an added risk and fairly useless as your bank card can be utilized instead.

Where can I use Paysafecard?

attentionSince Paysafecard is one of the most popular e-wallet options, it’s usually one of the very first new casinos add to their options. Additionally, most casinos also include an additional bonus such as 10% above your deposit value for simply using the service. On the Paysafe website, a directory is available that provides all the available online stores, services, and casinos where the service is accepted.

Is Paysafecard safe?

safetyAs with any online service, there are things to look out for while making online payments, even with Paysafecard. This doesn’t mean the Paysafecard service is unsafe, but rather that some casinos are untrustworthy. However, as far as Paysafecard goes, users can trust that their funds are safe. It’s crucial to keep your tickets in a safe place, and the 19-digit number can be used by other people, which is why Paysafecard provides a website that is secured by a username and password where members can access their codes as well.

The service is a lot safer to use than a credit card as each ticket code will only consist of the funds deposited into the casino account. Even if funds remain under that ticket number, only you will know how much. As far as other are aware, the ticket could not contain any funds, but to see the number, they would need to get past the casino security first.

Making a Paysafecard Casino Deposit

Bag with Dollar SignTo make a deposit, you would need to have a valid ticket number with at least the amount being deposited into the casino account. Once confirmed, sign in to your casino account and visit the banking page. Select the Paysafecard option, enter the amount you would like to deposit and the 19-digit ticket number. The funds will be available immediately after the transaction has been approved. Some casinos take a few seconds for processing.

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