Skrill provides one of the most well-known online banking services in the world. The U.K. based company was founded in 2001 as Moneybookers, which was changed to its current name in 2005. The service is used by more than 35 million people around the world and can be accessed from 200 countries. Members of Skrill have the ability enjoy highly secure online shopping with over 150,000 online shops accepting the payment option, which also includes various online casinos. Skrill does not offer credit of any sort and only includes an online banking option, which is also known as an e-wallet. This means funds need to be transferred to the Skrill account before payments and transactions can take place.

When it comes specifically to Canadian players, Skrill hasn’t been available to residents of Canada since 2014. That means that you choose from any of the other payment methods listed to the left of this page for your casino banking needs.

Skrill - The Basics

Credit Card Payment Option - Online Casinos

The service is known worldwide, not only among online casinos but also with thousands of stores as mentioned above. This is because they offer a much safer method of making online payments, which occur instantly while not including any personal information as found with credit cards. Their website can be accessed on both PC and mobile, allowing new members to register and current members to manage their accounts and enjoy all the benefits offered to clients.

Current users have already been delighted with the range of discounts and additional options provided by stores when paying with a Skrill account. The account can be used as a debit card as well for which users need to request a debit card from the Skrill website. The card can be used at any land-based service that accepts MasterCard, ranging from shops to drawing money at an ATM anywhere in the world.

To see if Skrill is available in available for use within your country, just visit their website. Should you have the option to register an account, we strongly recommend choosing Skrill for all its features, options, and incredible security.

About Skrill

ewalletE-wallets have become a lot more popular over the years as they offer a more secure online shopping experience. This means there might be users who are already familiar with how it works by being members of other services such as PayPal. To create an account, visit the Skrill website ( and find the register button at the top of your screen. This presents a registration form that requires information that will be kept provide while using the service. Once all the information has been filled out, and your email address has been confirmed, the account will be ready for use.

Funds can be transferred from another e-wallet service or be added to the account via credit card, bank transfer, or from another Skrill user. This makes it easy to keep track of your spending as only the money transferred will be available while shopping or making a deposit at an online casino. Members will also be pleased to know that the service can be used to make both deposits and withdrawals.

How Safe is Skrill?

safetySkrill uses encryption software that ensures each transaction is completely secure and can’t be seen by any third party. This is included for both outgoing and incoming transactions, meaning anything funds transferred will be protected by the security software. Also, the casino security software also ensures each transaction is protected and safe. Skrill will not include any of your personal information with any transaction, meaning the funds in your accounts are also protected and kept top secret. All payments occur instantly going in and out of your account. However, some online casinos require a waiting period before withdrawals will be transferred to the account.

How to make a Casino Deposit with Skrill

player on laptopOne of the most attractive options offered by Skrill casinos is that they include additional bonuses for each deposit made using the service. Most of the time the service is completely free of charge, and only a low cost might be involved when transferring money from accounts in different countries and currency conversions are required. However, this is very unlikely with online casinos, making the service more attractive to members, especially those interested in using the service for making deposits and withdrawals at online casinos.

As mentioned, the payments are instant, secure, and easy. To use this service with a casino your account needs to have sufficient funds as to the deposit amount you would like to transfer. Members have the ability to check balances on the website and can also deposit more money. Navigate to the banking page at the casino and find the purple Skrill logo. Clicking on it will result in a window opening where your email address and deposit amount is required. Should the casino not feature your currency, you will need to include the currency of the funds in your Skrill account. Once confirmed, a new window will appear where your login details are required for Skrill, and the transaction needs to be approved, resulting in a successful transaction and money added to the casino account instantly.

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