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LAST UPDATED / 10 April 2018

    At, we are committed to your right to privacy. As such, we take multiple precautions to ensure your privacy is respected. Below you will see the practices we adopt when collecting information relating to guests who visit this site.

    As a gambling focused website, we work hard to create a place that is suitable for players. Somewhere you can visit to find information about online casinos, and the games they offer. As such, we do collect information about our guests, both incoming and outgoing. By doing so, it permits us to make improvements to our website and the experience of our visitors. While this information is collected, it does not pertain to individual people, nor do we sell this information to third parties. All data that is stored is further protected to protect and ensure your privacy.

    As we track the geographical locations of those visiting our site, we do so with the use of cookies. This does not identify you or track your behavior, but is used for third party advertising to better direct information we believe will be beneficial to you and your overall gambling experience. We work in close collaboration with our advertised partners on, each of whom also undertakes rigid privacy policies and understand the value of your privacy.

    Our Practices

    Privacy Policy

    Underage Visitor Privacy is intended only for adults, and we do not collect information on those under the age of 18 knowingly. This applies also to jurisdictions where the age of legal gambling is allowed. Should you be a parent who has noticed your child visiting this site, please take the appropriate measures to ensure your child does not visit this site in the future.


    Third Party Advertising

    Any advertiser you see on this site may include their own cookies to help gather information pertaining to your geographical location. This is not to gather personal information in any way, but merely to gain a better understanding of your location to help better serve your interests by those third parties.


    Changes to Our Privacy Policy retains the right to make changes to its privacy policy at any time. It is your responsibility to review our policy on a regular basis and continuing to visit this site constitutes that you agree to its terms.


    Contacting Us

    Should you have any questions relating to this privacy policy, you can contact us via the “Contact Us” link located at the bottom of our website.


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