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Inspired by the classic fairytale of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs comes the Dwarfs Gone Wild slot! Quickspin has put its signature twist on this slot, with a unique special feature for each dwarf.

Dwarfs Gone Wild has 5 reels and 20 paylines. It has an RTP of 96.38% and a maximum win of 2535x your bet. More importantly, it has a considerable amount of special features such as the Golden Minecart Bonus Meter, Magic Mirror Feature and the Golden Minecart Free Spins Bonus. Aside from these features, Snow White and the Seven (very uniquely designed) Dwarfs motivate a lot of the action of this slot.

Keep on scrolling down below to read more about what makes this slot tick. 

Slots Features


When first loading the game, the Golden Minecart Bonus Meter starts at 75%.

The Magic Mirror Feature has a real impact on gameplay, adding 300 more Snow White symbols to the reels and granting 2 free spins.

Set at 2535x the player’s bet, the maximum win is considerably attractive for any type of player.


According to the level of bet you’re wagering, the meter level differs. This isn’t so great for players who wager with low bets.

After the first time the Bonus Meter is triggered, it goes back down to 0. It can be difficult to re-fill it from here.

The Magic Mirror feature has a pretty low hit frequency.

TypeVideo slot
Reels and Paylines5 reels, 20 paylines
Game FeaturesGolden Minecart Bonus Meter, Magic Mirror Feature, Golden Minecart Free Spins Bonus, Dwarf Features
Range of Bet$0.20-$100
Coin Values0.20, 0.40, 0.60, 0.80, 1.00, 1.20, 1.60, 2.00, 4.00, 6.00, 8.00, 10.00, 20.00, 40.00, 60.00, 100.00
Maximum Win2535x your bet
Gaming ProviderQuickspin

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Theme & Background

Dwarfs Gone Wild Slot - Snow White Symbol

The title of this online slot pretty much gives away the entire theme. Originating from the fairytales of the brothers Grimm, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs stumbled on new-found popularity when Disney released in 1937. It’s been a few decades since then, but this classic story retains its archetypal place in fairytales.

We all know how the story goes. A pale beauty, her evil step-mother, a magic mirror, a poison apple, a huntsman, seven dwarfs and a prince. By far, it is the seven dwarfs themselves that stick out in most peoples’ minds. With names like those (Doc, Grumpy, Sneezy, Happy, Dopey, Bashful and so on), who could forget them? It’s no wonder that other gaming providers in the past have already adapted the fairytale for the gaming community. For example, Red Tiger’s Snow Wild and the Seven Features remains a player favorite.

Quickspin has given its own take on the Seven Dwarfs. Gone are the well-known names and characters. Instead, players spin in the hopes of meeting the Banker, Bomber, Racer, Huntsman, Blacksmith, Wizard, and the Strongman. Each of them unlocks a unique beneficial effect on the reels that will definitely bode well for the player.

The background of the slot is set in a forest (surprise surprise). True to Quickspin’s usual standards, the graphics and animation of Dwarfs Gone Wild are both on point. You wouldn’t be able to fault it on that front.

If you want to find out more about what these Dwarfs have in store for you – read the gameplay section below. We can’t wait to test them out


Whereas gameplay in super popular Quickspin slots like Northern Sky and Volcano Riches is straightforward, it’s anything but in this slot.

Dwarfs Gone Wild has seven different Dwarf features, a bonus meter, a bonus feature, and a free spins bonus. Something is always happening when it comes to this online slot, and we like it. Gameplay is dynamic, ever-changing and extremely engaging.

Down below, you can find a detailed explanation of how each of these works.

Explore Dwarfs Gone Wild Symbols

Dwarfs Gone Wild Slot - Banker

Golden Minecart Bonus Meter

To the left of the reels, you’ll see a golden meter. This is the ‘Golden Minecart Bonus Meter’. Other than the Meter itself, there are also seven Minecart gold symbols next to it. Not only do you have to fill up the meter, but ideally you also manage to trigger as many of these gold Minecart symbols as possible.

When you first load up the slot, it’ll start off at 75% plus you’ll have 1 active Golden Minecart. Once the meter is full, it’ll unleash the Dwarf feature/s onto the reels – depending on how many you’ve activated up to that point.

As mentioned above, the thing with the Meter is that your bet level affects the level to which the meter is filled up.

If you bet at the maximum $100, the meter is just a bit fuller than usual. Anything below this, and you’ll see that the level of the meter sinks just a bit. And, you also have another option, if you bet at $1, the meter will be at its lowest – but you’ll have more than one Golden Minecart symbol active. In this way, players have control over a certain level of odds. Pretty cool right?

Every win on the main reels containing Dwarf symbols will be added to the Golden Minecart Bonus meter. Golden Minecart symbols will unlock Dwarf features when the free spins bonus is triggered.

Dwarfs Gone Wild Slot - Blacksmith

Magic Mirror Feature

This feature is triggered whenever a Magic Mirror symbol lands anywhere on the third reel.

Once activated, the Magic Mirror Feature will add an extra 300 Snow White symbols to the reels, and it’ll grant the player two free spins. 

As you can imagine, the combination of these two factors hold great promise for some off the scale wins. But you have to be really lucky for that.

Dwarfs Gone Wild Slot - Bomber

Golden Minecart Free Spins Bonus

In order to activate the free spins, you’ll need to land 3 Bonus Scatter symbols. These symbols appear anywhere on reels 2, 3 and 4 in the base game only. This means that the free spins cannot be re-triggered during the bonus round itself.

According to the number of Dwarf features triggered in the base game, you’ll have the equivalent amount active during the Free Spins. This is pretty awesome – because not only do you get your free spins, but you also get the benefits of the Dwarf features to boot.

Now that’s a recipe for richness.

Dwarfs Gone Wild Slot - Huntsman

Dwarf Features

For each of the seven dwarfs, there is a corresponding special feature. The ‘Snow White’ symbol doesn’t have any special powers attached to it, other than it is the highest paying symbol according to the paytable.

Here’s what each unique dwarf can do:

  1. Banker: Multiplier. The Banker will multiply any rewards by the amount of x2, x3 or x5. Very generous, especially for a banker.
  2. Bomber: Spreading Wild. The Bomber will run across the five reels and drop Explosives. These Explosives are actually Wild symbols. With random Wilds placed across the reels, it could lead to some exciting wins.
  3. Racer: Throwback Wild. The Racer will produce between 2-5 Wild symbols and place them anywhere he wants on the reels. It’s a random process, just like the Bomber.
  4. Huntsman: Free Wild. The Huntsman is great at his job. He’ll track down the best position to add a Wild symbol to the reels, to create the best winning combination possible.
  5. Blacksmith: Full Reel Wild. The Blacksmith pours molten metal over the reels, turning them into Wild symbols. Up to a potential 2 full reels will turn Wild. But only if you’re, like, super lucky.
  6. WizardExtra Free Spins. It’s self-explanatory here. The Wizard will reward you with up to 5 extra free spins. Just like magic!
  7. Strongman: Rolling Wild. During this feature, Wild symbols are randomly placed on reels 3, 4 and 5. They also move one position to the left for every respin.

Payouts and Wagering Limits

Dwarfs Gone Wild Slot - Paytable

The above paytable is based on the maximum bet of $100. The minimum bet for this slot is $0.20. As you can see for yourself, the payout rate is very beneficial indeed. Especially given that the above paytable doesn’t even reflect the highest paying symbols – the normal Wild symbol and the Snow White symbol.

Both of these symbols pay out $6000 on a $100 bet when landing five of a kind. Four of a kind is $1500 and three of a kind is $200. Again, this is a really impressive payout rate. The maximum amount that can be won from Dwarfs Gone Wild is 2535x your bet. This can only happen with a few of the special features active. And the hit frequency on these is not that great.

The RTP (return to player) rate is 96.38%. Given that the usual average tends to be around 96%, this is a very respectable figure. This slot is also of medium volatility, meaning that you can expect a nice mix of small wins and less frequent big wins. It won’t particularly dent your wallet for them either, if you’re careful – as you should always be.

Dwarfs Gone Wild slot small

Final Verdict

Dwarfs Gone Wild


Dwarfs Gone Wild is continuing the streak of successful slots that Quickspin has been releasing. It changes up the game with its incredibly dynamic gameplay and engaging theme. Above all, the wins are worth the spins – making it not only entertaining to play, but also potentially lucrative. It’s definitely worth a shot, that’s for sure.

If you want to play Dwarfs Gone Wild for real money (and real wins), hit the Play Now button to start your spins at an online casino. Forget the prince, spin with the Seven Dwarfs to land yourself some wins you won’t soon forget!

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