Green Lantern

Bringing together two entertainment giants, Playtech and Warner Bros, in what was considered the deal of the year, DC Comics is brought to life in this fabulous slot game. There have already been some pretty impressive Playtech, DC Comic superhero slots, such as Man of Steel, Superman I, Superman II… and now there’s the Green Lantern.

This slot is based on one of the lesser known superheroes, who was brought to life by Alan Scott way back in the 1940s, and by 1949 he was a fully-fledged DC Comic hero. It wasn’t always smooth sailing for our green hero though, as his dip in popularity saw him fade away, only to be reintroduced again in 1959. This slot is an homage to the hero who has now re-emerged as a big player on the silver screen.

Get ready to enjoy Fear Fights, Training Centres and Secret Centres as you take on the reels to win those big prizes.

Slots Features


There are 4 different progressive jackpots to be won on this game.

The game looks amazing and has some brilliant animations. It combines top gameplay with top aesthetics.

The bonus features are very exciting and add another dimension to the game.


The top bet per spin is just $50 which isn’t great for high rollers and big players.

TYPEVideo slot
GAME FEATURESFree Spins, Scatters, Wilds, Multipliers
NUMBER OF PAYLINES243 ways to win
RANGE OF BETS$0.50 – $50.00
MAXIMUM WIN225,000 coins

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Green Lantern
Green Lantern
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Theme & Background

This game is all about the legend that is DC Comic Superhero, the Green Lantern. He may not be one of the more well-known superheroes, but he has had a surge in popularity with the recent movie being made about him again. The animations and graphics suggest that this is based on the latest DC film. Test pilot, Hal Jordan, is given an alien ring that gives him superpowers and introduces him into the super galactic police force. In this game, you use those powers to win those jackpots.

The 5-reel game is set against a very futuristic background with a green planet at the very back of the reels, and the hero himself to the side of the reels. He often moves around and does superhero actions to show off his prowess. As you can imagine, the Green Lantern slot is a very green looking affair.

Then there are those symbols. Firstly, there are very bright and very futuristic looking playing card symbols, all the way through from 9 to A. Then there are the main symbols, the movie characters. There is Hal when he is accepted into the Corps; his mentor Sinestra; Killowog, Guardian of Oa and Tomar-Re.


This 5-reel, 3-row game has a very impressive 243 ways to win, so from the get go, you should see those wins coming in rather quickly. All you need to do is choose how much you want to play, spin those reels and try to get winning combinations on one of the many paylines. However, for those bigger wins, you really need to get into those features, and they all start off with the very exciting collapsing reels.

The Collapsing Reels

This game uses the collapsing reels feature, so every time you manage to land a winning combination on the reels, the winning symbols will disappear and the symbols on top will fall down to replace them. This can obviously create even more winning combinations.

These multiple wins don’t just give you more money, but every successive win will light up the power bar, which can be seen in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. This is important, because it is by lighting up these segments that you hit the bonus features. There are no scatters, it is simply by landing consecutive wins that you hit the features. More segments mean more prizes.

The Bonus Features

There are 3 different bonus features you can enter when you hit those consecutive wins:
Fear Fight Mission – You get an unlimited number of Free Spins. However, when you’re in play, the wild symbols you land will collect under the reels. Depending on what segment you reach, when either 5, 6 or 8 of the wild ring symbols are collected your Free Spins will come to an end.

  • Training Centre Mission – Here you get 10 Free Spins with extra wilds added to the reels. The more segments you manage to fill, the more wilds will be added.
  • Secret Sector Mission – Here you also get 10 Free Spins, but this time with a multiplier attached. The multiplier with then increase with every successive collapse. The more segments of the power bar you fill, the better the multipliers you will receive

The Progressive Jackpots

If you want to win entry to the jackpot round, then this can be done on any random spin. However, like most games, the more you bet on a spin, the higher your chance is. When the jackpot feature is active, a screen then displays 20 fields and your job is to find matching colours in order to win one of the 4 jackpots – the mini, the minor, the major… or if you’re really lucky, the ultimate grand jackpot – which could see you walk away with a very impressive sum of money.

Explore Green Lantern Symbols

Green Ring Wild Symbols

This ring symbol acts as the wild, and will substitute for every other symbol on the reels. However, this symbol will only land on reels 2, 3 and 4, so it’s not as easy to get them as in some of the other games out there. The can help create some pretty impressive win lines though.

Payouts and Wagering Limits

This is a game that allows you to place your bets anywhere between $0.50 and $50, depending on how strong your super powers are feeling. Obviously, the higher you go, the more chance you have of triggering the jackpot feature. The game itself sees you able to get your hands on a maximum win of 225,000 coins, which is pretty impressive.

In the base game, you can start getting those lower wins when you hit 9 and 10 – which reward you with 10, 20 or 40 coins for 3, 4 or 5 on a payline. This moves up slightly with the J and Q, which offer up 15, 25 or 50 coins. Slightly higher still, we have the K and A which pay up 20, 40 or 60 for landing a winning combination on the reels.

The higher paying symbols see those wins shooting up somewhat. Firstly, there’s Tomar Re and Killiwog who pay 20, 50 and 75 coins for 3-5 on a payline. Then there’s Sinestra who is worth 5, 25, 70 and 150 coins for getting between 2 and 5 on a payline. The Guardian of Oa is worth 5, 40, 100 and 300 for 2, 3, 4 and 5 on the reels, and finally there’s our hero Hal, worth 15, 80, 300 or 500 coins.

As you can imagine, these wins can be multiplied in the bonus rounds, and the jackpots are worth even more if you manage to hit them.

Green Lantern

Final Verdict

Green Lantern


Superhero slots are always incredibly popular, and with good reason. This game doesn’t just look super, it plays super. The animations and aesthetics are stunning, and create a real comic book feel. However, it really is the gameplay, bonus features and jackpots that get the heart racing.

It is always a nice change to trigger the bonus symbols with something other than scatters. By landing those consecutive wins, you don’t just get more money, but you get rewarded by hitting the Free Spins as well. A double whammy. Then, of course, there’s the jackpots. Any game that has a jackpot is alright with us – and if it has 4… even better. This game is a super game worthy of the very best superhero out there

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