Innocence Or Temptation

Those who are attracted to the virtual gaming world for its dark depths and the flaming risks are going to be treated in this game. The same can be said for those who are impressed by its divinity and unearth-like qualities. In Innocence or Temptation, these two seemingly opposing worlds come together in a whirlwind of chaos that makes up this game.

This game is made up of 20 paylines on 5 reels and it’s got an RTP of 97% that gives us the chills. Not only is this game sizzling hot, but it accommodates for any type of player. If you’re of higher morality and know what’s good for you, then the ‘innocence’ side to this game is your taste of heaven. You’ll comfortably be able to get more wins and other bonuses. On the other hand, if you’re a little daredevil and can’t help but chase risks then ‘temptation’ side is undoubtedly for you.

The appeal to this is that the wins are much bigger – but at the expense of it being the more difficult route to take. Ask yourself: are you eager to follow the steps of an angel or are you prepared to be tempted by the devil? Play this game to find out.

Slots Features


Extra bonus features that increase winnings and activate free spins.

Entertaining theme which allows you to moderate how you win, and the amount you can win.

Accommodates for both less experienced players as well as confident risk-takers through the slider feature.


No Gamble Game once winnings are collected at the end of a spin.

Multiplier bonus are fixed and do not increase in combinations were more than one WILD is present.

The RTP isn’t that high.

TYPEVideo slot
THEMEGood and Evil
GAME FEATURESWild symbol, scatters, free spins, multipliers, bonus feature
RANGE OF BETS$0.20 – $200.00
MAXIMUM WIN4,000 coins

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Innocence Or Temptation
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Theme & Background

The visuals of this game have us awe-struck. The welcoming screen sets you in high spirits and prepares you for all the fun ahead. Depending on whether you decide to choose the side of innocence or temptation, all of the game’s visuals are altered.

Soar further up as you lean over to the angel’s influence, and the background will get increasingly bluer as the angel guides you further up into the skies. The icons of the game will also change, with a rising presence of those blue WILDs that we’ll outline later.

If you decide to descend to the devil’s lair, then expect the background to get darker as the game gets hotter. The intensified difficulty is visualised by the red flames in the background, and of the icons.

The only consistency of both sides are the symbols, which are made of precious stones. The split at the centre of the screen sets a deep contrast between the two opposing themes of the game. The attractiveness of either side is essential – after all, both angels are trying to lure you to take their side. Which side are you on?


Innocence or Temptation is a standard video slot, which means that it has 20 active paylines that are spread across 5 reels. The amount that you then wager is multiplied by the payouts that are won when you land on a winning combination.

This game’s most impressive feature is the slider that it boasts at the top of the reels. Move this slider left and right to determine the mode in which you play the game. There are five different modes that you can choose from, which range from angelic innocence to devilish temptation. Refer to the subsection below to get a clearer idea of how these modes vary.

Winning free spins and landing on WILD symbols is very common in this game, especially if you play on the easier, innocent mode. Moreover, it’s got a very specific bonus feature called called the Lightning Cash Bonus. The name is hints enough to the quick and easy money that there is to be won once this bonus is activated. Unlucky for us, it’s quite random and can appear at any time. But again, more on that later.

As you can see, we’ve a lot of explaining to do, what with this game’s particular special features. So hang onto your halos or tridents, and bear with.

Explore Innocence Or Temptation Symbols


This feature is basically your naughty-or-nice monitor. With this game you can literally play what you are, with the slider being used as an indicator of how much of a daredevil you’re prepared to be. We’ll list down the different modes below.

Very Angelic

In this mode, prepare to win frequent, albeit small wins. WILDs symbols are prominent on the first three reels, which encourages 3-symbol combinations mainly to be won. The Free Spins scatter symbols appear quite often, just to boost your chances of winning when playing in this mode.

This is a mix between the Very Angelic and the Neutral modes.


When playing in this mode, all WILD and scatter symbols are distributed randomly. This means that there’s a 50/50 chance of you achieving those wins.


A mix between the Very Devilish and Neutral modes.

Very Devilish

Wins aren’t as frequent as in the two Angelic modes, but they’re massive. WILD symbols appear on the last three reels to increase your chance to win a 5-symbol combination.

When you land on a Free Spins symbol when playing in this mode all Devil cards will appear during the round, which increases the payouts even more. Crossing over to the dark side is worth the risk.

Lightning Bonus

When playing, lightning may strike the skies at any moment, which cause an eruption of coins from the reels. For the entire duration of the storm your coins will be counted and, when it stops, the total value will be added to your winnings.

Wild Symbol

There are two wild symbols, and each one appears depending on the mode you play on. They can both stand for any symbol, apart from the free spins scatter symbol, to help create those winning combinations.

When playing in the Angelic modes, the WILD is a blue-eyed and blonde-haired angel who loves hovering around the reels. When you land on this WILD symbol, the payout you win is multiplied by x1.

On the other hand, during the Devilish modes, the WILD is the devil himself. But there’s no need to fear him, since he’ll multiply any payouts by x2.

Free Spins Scatter Symbol

Landing on a free spins scatter symbol is the ultimate dream. At the start of the feature, a message floats up saying you’ve won 5 free spins. Four cards are then displayed at the top of the reels, face down. After each spin you’re allowed to turn one over to pump up your win. The chance of you picking a Devil Card or Angel Card depends on the position of the slider. Waiting for you to claim them are even more free spins, multipliers, extra wilds, or a cash prize – you can even reveal a Super Card and gain even greater winnings.

There’s a lot waiting to be won, so pick a side and get spinning.

Payouts and Wagering Limits

If you want to have a precise description of the payouts of this game, have a look at the Paytable of the To find the possible win amount, the amount you wager must be multiplied by the payout. We’ve had a look at themselves and agree that, considering the high speed of this game and the generous bonus feature, you’re blessed by how much there is to win.

The maximum theoretical percentage return to player (RTP) is 94.18%, and the minimum is 94.14% which is quite fair, in our opinion. The extra features of the game are worth it and why we would encourage you to give this game a go.

Innocence Or Temptation

Final Verdict

Innocence Or Temptation


This game’s unearthly features have really added a whole new dimension to video slots that we can’t get enough of. The winning potential of this game is just sky high, and the extra bonuses make the game that much fun. All that’s left for you to do is ask yourself the ultimate question: are you a saint or a sinner?

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