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Unleash the anger of the ogre with this fantastic new video slot from Betsoft. With visuals that automatically hark back to the classic animated feature, Shrek, Ogre Empire will draw players right into the game from the first moment they begin playing.

The game itself features 5 reels and 25 paylines meaning that players have plenty of opportunities to earn themselves a winning line. There are a large amount of features included in the game too to help create engagement within the game.

The wager range of $0.25 to $25 means that players on any kind of budget will easily be able to play the game to a level they enjoy. The high volatility combined with a maximum win of $29,800 and an RTP of 95.23% means that Ogre Empire gives players an exciting experience that is full of potentially huge wins!

Slots Features


The day time and night time modes mean that the game has a different feel between each mode and offers greater engagement.

The wild blooms spread to create more winning lines.

The ogre smash can help to create extra wins.


There is no free spins feature included in Ogre Empire.

The night time mode offers greater payouts but it is quite hard to trigger it.

TypeVideo slot
Reels and Paylines5 reels and 25 paylines
Game FeaturesDay and night mode, multiple wild symbols, ogre smash feature and double up mini game
Range of Bet$0.25 - $25
Coin Values0.25, 0.50, 1.25, 2.50, 6.25, 12.50, 25
Maximum Win$29,800
Gaming ProviderBetsoft

Play Ogre Empire for real!

Ogre Empire-slot
Ogre Empire slot small
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Theme & Background

Ogre Empire Slot - Ogre

The graphics for Ogre Empire are all fantastically 3-D rendered images that look great on the screen. Each symbol represents something from the world of the ogre and ensures that players are dragged deeper into the mystique of the game. It helps to create a fantastic atmosphere that is both wondrous and scary at the same time.

The music and sounds help to supplement this atmosphere with a jaunty tune playing the whole time that calls back to music that was played around the time the game was set. Overall both facets of the games aesthetics come together to create an engaging and enjoyable experience.

The background for Ogre Empire is a lovingly 3-D rendered image of the village that the ogre has decided to ransack. Offering views of both day time and night time it shows the ogre when he is awake and causing trouble as well as showing him asleep when the villagers are able to come out and enjoy themselves. This makes the game have a look that complements the symbols on the game board as well as ensuring that the atmosphere created is consistent throughout.


Ogre Empire has a number of innovative features included in the game to help set it apart from other video slot games on the market, although it does go against the grain somewhat by not included a free spins mode. The first big feature that is included in Ogre Empire is the day time and night time mode.

Explore Ogre Empire Symbols

Ogre Empire Slot - Diamond symbol

Day Time and Night Time Mode

The day time and night time modes that are included in Ogre Empire offer different ways to play the game. The way to switch between modes is very similar. If you are playing in day time mode, to turn into night time mode you need to get the moon symbol to be completely appeared on the reels. If you are playing in night time mode then you need to get the sun symbol to be completely appeared on the reels. The sun symbol pays out 4 times of your total stake when you manage to get it and the moon pays out 6 times your total stake.

During the day time mode, if you manage to collect enough of the ogre’s weapon during a winning line then the ogre will smash the reels. This will cause all winning symbols to disappear from the reels and allow for new winning lines to be created as new symbols drop into the reels. There is also the day wild bloom that can appear on the reels. This special wild symbol will spread to 3 adjacent reels helping to create new winning lines.

During the night time mode, the joker, queen and king symbols will appear on the reels. These higher paying symbols help to create better winning lines and the joker acts as a wild symbol that multiplies any winning lines by 2. There is also the night wild bloom that can appear on the reels. This will spread to 3 adjacent reels to help create new winning lines.

Ogre Empire Slot - Mushroom Symbol

Double Up Mini Game

As well as all of this, whenever a winning line is created there is a chance to go double or nothing on coin toss. This can help to make a modest win into something more substantial.

Payouts and Wagering Limits

Ogre Empire Slot - Paytable

The maximum wager for Ogre Empire is $25. This is a relatively low maximum wager as most games offer a much higher option for high rolling players. The minimum wager for Ogre Empire is $0.25. This is an option that allows players to play at a level they feel comfortable with if they are on a lower budget and gives them the ability to work up to a higher stakes game.

The maximum payout on Ogre Empire is $29,800. This is a relatively healthy payout for a game with such a low maximum wager. This combined with the RTP of 95.23% means that the game offers plenty of chances to walk away with a big win.

Ogre Empire slot small

Final Verdict

Ogre Empire


Ogre Empire is a game that looks fantastic. There has obviously a lot of time been spent on the graphics for the game and it really has paid off. The music and sounds have also obviously had a lot of time spent on them as they sound great and fit in with the game perfectly.


The gameplay for Ogre Empire is interesting first and foremost. Betsoft decided against a traditional free spins feature when making this game but the game doesn’t suffer for that choice. All of the included features offer excellent levels of fun and engagement and the game really is one of the best around.

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