Poke the Guy Slot by Microgaming

Poke the Guy is a zany, psychedelic experience from Microgaming. Offering players the opportunity to jump right into a 1950s B Movie combined with the warped mind of Ren and Stimpy, it is unlike any other video slot game on the market, mainly because it isn’t a video slot in the true sense of the word. Essentially, Poke the Guy is a random chance generator that has a graphical user interface bolted on top of it. Microgaming have framed this into making Poke the Guy look and feel like it is a video game.

The choice of projectile players can choose works as the stake modifier and then instead of reels spinning it is firing the projectile at the “Guy” who dances around the screen like a crazed monster. While there isn’t any skill involved in hitting the “Guy”, it is totally random, it still offers a unique take on the video slot genre.

Due to there being no reels or paylines it’s a lot easier to tell if you’ve won when playing Poke the Guy. It’s a simple binary choice of hit or no hit. If the projectile hits the “Guy” then it is a win, if it doesn’t there is not a win. The medium volatility means that there are regular enough wins that come along and they can be big payers. The wager range of $0.01 to $30 allows players on low budgets the opportunity to play to a level they are comfortable with, but the higher budget players may not be as enticed. The maximum win for Poke the Guy is up to 500 times your stake, which pays out $15,000 if you’re playing on a maximum wager game. This isn’t that bad a payout for a game with such a low maximum wager. The RTP for Poke the Guy is 94.89%, which is a little on the low side compared to other games on the market.

Slots Features


There are no complications when working out if you have won or not. The game is very simple.

Choosing between wagers is also simple with each symbol representing a different wager.

The medium variance means that you never have to go too long without a win.


There are no additional features to add engagement to the game, the base game is all that there is.

The base game can become tiresome very quickly.

The RTP is quite low compared to other games on the market.

TypeRandom chance generator
Reels and PaylinesNo reels and no paylines
Game FeaturesNone
Range of Bet$0.01 - $30
Coin Values0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 2.00, 5.00, 10.00 (It is possible to wager between 1 and 3 coins at a time)
Maximum WinUp to 500 times your stake
Gaming ProviderMicrogaming

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Poke the Guy Slot by Microgaming
Poke the Guy Slot by Microgaming
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Poke the Guy Theme and Background

The theme for Poke the Guy is a giant monster attacking a city. The visuals for the game take this into a comedy direction, with the Guy spending most of his time dancing around the city and pulling different poses, all of them trying to mock you as you play. While the visuals aren’t bad, they do have a slightly rushed feel to them.

The music and sounds for Poke the Guy have been done superbly. The slightly zany music that plays while the game is running fits the comedy monster theme excellently. The sounds of the Guy laughing at you when you miss him and moaning with pain when you hit him are both excellent additions to the sounds.

The background for Poke the Guy is the city that he is attacking. It isn’t any particular city as it has a mixed up selection of landmarks like Mount Rushmore and the Sphinx. It does fit the theme of the game well though as it shows the Guy attacking the various different areas and sticks to the comedy theme that the game is aiming for.

Poke the Guy Gameplay

Poke the Guy offers a very different experience to the majority of video slots on the market. By dispensing with reels and paylines it offers a very simple gameplay element. You choose the item you would like to fire at the Guy, then the game calculates whether you hit him or not. Each item wagers a different amount going from smallest to biggest: rubber duck, durian, fish, knife and pink poop.

The game doesn’t offer any more variety than choosing your projectile and there are no additional features apart from firing the projectiles.

Poke the Guy Payouts and Wagering

Poke the Guy Slot Paytable

The maximum wager for Poke the Guy is $30. This could put off higher rolling players who prefer to wager on higher stakes games. The minimum wager for Poke the Guy is $0.01. This means that Poke the Guy does offer players on a smaller budget the opportunity to engage with the game to a level that they are comfortable with.

The maximum payout for Poke the Guy is 500 times your stake. This works out at a maximum payout of $15,000. This isn’t a terrible payout, but with the lack of engagement included in the game a higher payout would have made more sense to keep players interested. The RTP for Poke the Guy is 94.89% which is at quite a low level in comparison to the market.

Poke the Guy Slot by Microgaming

Poke the Guy: Final Verdict

Poke the Guy


The visuals for Poke the Guy are quite average in comparison to other games on the market. There has been no effort put into any animations, the Guy just appears at new places in a new pose, there is no animation in between movements. When he is hit it is an instant transition as well, to call these animations would be almost factually incorrect. The game itself has a rushed feel to how it looks which doesn’t translate to the screen very well. The music and sounds however do match up to the theme perfectly and rescue the aesthetics slightly.

The gameplay for Poke the Guy is lackluster. There is nothing there to really grab the player, which is a huge shame because the idea and theme behind Poke the Guy is a great one. It has a lot of potential to be excellent, unfortunately Microgaming haven’t provided any extra features to counter act the less than engaging base game and Poke the Guy really suffers for it.

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