six acrobats

Six Acrobats is a delightful game, with charming designs based on Asian culture, specifically Chinese acrobats. This slot machine game looks as good as it plays, it will leave you wanting more every single time. With free spins that can be retriggered, multipliers included in the free spins round and Wilds – this isn’t a slot you want to miss out on. Microgaming has really delivered on the high volatility slot payouts with the Six Acrobats slot, that’s for sure. To find out more, keep on reading the whole review.

Slots Features


The animations look fantastic when you manage to win a line.

The music isn’t too intrusive and it captures the mood of a Chinese circus perfectly.

The amount of free spins that can be won is extremely large.


The sounds of the reel spins doesn’t give the feel of a proper spin.

The increments between the bet amounts feels a little strange.

The reels seem to take a long time to spin when you are on the free spins screen.

TYPEVideo slot
REELS AND PAYLINES5 reels with 9 paylines
GAME FEATURESWilds, Free Spins, Retriggers, Multipliers
RANGE OF BET$0.09 – $22.50
COIN VALUES0.09, 0.18, 0.27, 0.36, 0.45, 0.54, 0.63, 0.72, 0.81, 0.90, 1.08, 1.26, 1.35, 1.44, 1.62, 1.80, 2.25, 2.70, 3.15, 3.60, 4.05, 4.50, 5.40, 6.30, 6.75, 7.20, 8.10, 9.00, 10.80, 11.25, 12.60, 13.50, 14.40, 15.75, 16.20, 18.00, 20.25, 22.50
MAXIMUM WIN4,000x your original bet

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six acrobats
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Theme & Background

The theme of the game is that the spinning of the slots is the equivalent of the acrobats spinning through the air. When you watch the slots spinning you will really feel like you’re there watching the acrobats performing. The background is intricately designed and looks like an authentic Chinese circus. There is nothing about this game that will stop you from being immersed in the moment.

The images that are used for the slots manage to capture the feeling of watching an acrobat show. Each one is drawn incredibly detailed and has fantastic animations when you manage to get a winning line. The symbols are all stylized to look just like the culture they are from and the lettering all has a typically Asian flow to it without making it too hard to read.

All in all the images and background of this game all look perfect to fit in with the theme of the game. You will be almost instantly transported to a Chinese circus the moment you spin your first reel.


Six Acrobats isn’t just a randomly named game. The six acrobats in the name refers to the six different symbols that offer higher payouts. There are five actual acrobats on show, a fire breather, a knife thrower, two balancing acrobats and a dynamo expert. The sixth acrobat refers to the wild card which is the Six Acrobat logo.

The game itself is surprisingly deep though. It has five reels and nine paylines. All you need to do to get a payout on one of your lines is get 3 or more in a line. It’s that simple. Obviously the more you get in a row the higher the payout. There isn’t just the acrobat symbols that you can win with though. It also includes a 10, J, Q and K symbol that also offer a payout if you get 3 or more in a line. The number and letter are the lower tier of payouts and the acrobat symbols are the higher tier. If you manage to get a wild card in your line then it will multiply your payout by 5!

That’s not the only symbol in play either. There is also the scatter symbol. The scatter symbol is your ticket to winning the big money in this game. If you get 2 scatter symbols anywhere on the game board then you instantly win twice the amount you bet. It doesn’t end there though, if you get 3 or more then it gives you access to the free spins game. 3 symbols gives you 15 free spins, 4 gives you 20 and 5 fives you 25.

Once you access the free spin game then you have the potential to really earn some big money. All wins during this round give you 5 times the payout that you would normally get. Unless the wild card is included, in which case it is multiplied by 5 again to make the multiplier a staggering 25! Not only this but for every scatter symbol that you get during the free spins round it adds another free spin to your total. So if you get 3 scatter symbols on your last free spin, it gives you another 3 free spins to play with!

Payouts and Wagering Limits

Six Acrobats Slot Paytable

The wagering limit on this game is $22.50. It starts at $0.09 and while there are a lot of increments in between that and the limit there are sometimes a little bit strange. This doesn’t take away from the fun of the game though unless you really struggle to deal with odd numbers.

The payouts on this game can be huge, with the payout for getting the biggest symbols having the opportunity to be multiplied by 25 to create a huge payout. If you hit 5 symbols in a row during the free spin mode your payout could be up to 3000 times your wager!

The payout rate is great too, 96% is a very high rate for a game with such large payouts.

Six Acrobats Slot Logo

Final Verdict

Six Acrobats Slot


The sharp images and perfect background music of Six Acrobats really helps you to get into the mood to play this game. It instantly sets you at ease and the way the slots moves mimics the movements of an acrobat perfectly. The fantastic animations attributed to the winning symbols make it really stand out. When you have got a big winner, you know right away by the dancing acrobat on the screen.

That’s not to say that it is all style and no substance. The game itself is highly enjoyable and you won’t feel like it’s a chore at any point. The scatter symbols that lead to the free spins game are very exciting when they come up and the free spin game itself adds another layer to an already fine game. Overall 4.6/5.

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