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The big vampire craze of a couple of years ago, when we couldn’t take two steps without tripping over the Twilights and the True Bloods and the Vampire Diaries and whatnot might be over, but that doesn’t mean that a good vampire-themed game can’t still make a wave. And Vampire the Masquerade is no different with the sexy blood suckers and their helpless prey.

This 5 reel video with 20 paylines that pay from left to right was developed by Microgaming and offers an RTP of 96.02%. With the low volatility, you can be sure to experience frequent wins, they are however on the low side. The maximum win will offer you a tasty 3,000 times your initial stake.

We’re just about ready to offer our necks to those charming creatures of the night and we bet that you’ll fall under their spell soon enough as well. Read all about this atmospheric slot in our article below.

Slots Features


The vampire theme is very current and well-executed.

The low volatility ensures frequent winning combinations even though the wins are not that high.

With a maximum stake of just $4, you can win a maximum of $120,000.


You can only choose between five different bet amounts.

The RTP of 96.02% is comparatively low and barely scratches the average of 96%.

Some players might find the vampire theme that others find enticing, played-out and boring.

TypeVideo Slot
Reels and Paylines5 reels and 20 paylines
Game FeaturesVampire & Prey, Free Spins, Pick Me Bonus
Range of Bet$0.20 - $4
Coin Values0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.20
Maximum WinX30,000 your stake
Software ProviderMicrogaming

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Theme & Background

Royal Masquerade Slot - Prey vs Predator

Stories of vampires have been around for ages and they have evolved quite a bit, since folktales from the Middle Ages. Vampires nowadays have little to do with Nosferatu or Dracula. They don’t necessarily sleep in coffins all day anymore, none of them turn into bats and some of them don’t even turn to dust in the daylight! Instead, they sparkle. They’re beautiful and charming and every human that crosses their path is drawn to them and wants their company.

Were did vampire lore go wrong, we ask you! Vampires are supposed to be mysterious creatures of the night that are scary and terrorize whole villages, until the villagers march upon their lair with torches and pitchforks and garlic and a brave hero runs a stake through their heart. They are NOT supposed to pose as high school students and seduce innocent young girls, so that they give up their lives for an eternity of adolescence. But we digress…

The predator in Vampire the Masquerade seems to lean towards the good old days of vampirism, as in threatening, kind of Transylvanian and instilling fear in its prey. This prey is a pretty woman in this case that appears on the reels, either alone, cowering in fear together with the vampire (we decided to call him Dragomir, don’t judge us!), or as a corpse on a crime poster.

The slot really calls forth a creepy atmosphere, with an eerie background sound that includes thunder and weird chanting and really dark colors. You’ll feel the hair on your neck stand up in no time.


As we previously mentioned, this slot has 5 reels and 20 fixed paylines paying from the left. And while the graphics and story really hooked us, it’s the bonus features that really reeled us in.

The Wild symbol is a golden W against an intricate statue and just like in any other slot, it’ll substitute any other symbol except the bonus symbols to create winning combinations. The wild symbol can appear both in the main game and during free spins.

The low paying symbols come in the form of symbols of vampire hunts, such as the stake, the cross and a compass among others, while the high paying symbols are represented by CCTV images of the vampire stalking his prey, the crime poster, blood bags and crime scene investigators.

If that doesn’t already give you the heebie-jeebies, you should click on any of the sections below to learn all about the even creepier bonus features of this bloody slot.

Explore Vampire the Masquerade™ – Las Vegas Symbols

Vampire the Masquerade Slot - Blood Bags

The Vampire and Prey Symbols

Both symbols are stacked and three symbols high. The Vampire or the Prey symbols both only appear once per spin at the most. Those symbols award multipliers to your wins like so:

  • Every time the Vampire symbol appears in full size, you’ll be awarded 20 times your line bet prize
  • Every time the Prey symbol appears in full size, you’ll be awarded 10 times your line bet prize
  • If both symbols appear in full size, you’ll be awarded 30 times your line bet prize

Either the vial to the left of your screen which is filled with blood or the vial for the disciple to the right of your screen which is filled with a green liquid will be filled with a random amount of liquid if both symbols appear on the reels together.

Once, one of the vials is full, one of 3 free spin features is triggered. Depending on the blood collected you’ll be awarded between 5 and 16 free spins with a multiplier between 1 and 6 that depends on the green liquid for the disciple.

Vampire the Masquerade Slot - Men in Suits

Free Spin Features

There are three different free spin features that can be triggered once one of the two vials on the side of your screen are completely filled:

  • Dominate Discipline is triggered if the Prey symbol lands on the fifth reel. It will be replaced by standard wild symbols and will be duplicated over other reels up to four times before that. Like this you can end up with up to 15 wild symbols on your reels – that’s insane!
  • Fortitude Discipline 1 to 6 random positions will be replaced with wild symbols on every spin if this feature is triggered
  • Presence Discipline In this feature, you’ll start with four randomly placed wild symbols and for every free spin, those 4 wild symbols can be moved to any other position on the reels
Vampire the Masquerade Slot - W symbol

Pick Me Bonus

The bonus pick me game gets triggered if 3 Scatter Symbols, in the form of the Vampire lunging at his Prey, land on reels 1, 3 and 5.

In the bonus game, you’ll slip into the roll of the Vampire trying to lure his Prey into his lair in order to bite her. You have to pick between 5 cards. Those cards either have a monetary value or a skull.

You play the game, either until you manage to bite the victim or until you pick the skull card twice. If you don’t pick the skull card twice in 6 rounds, you’ll be successful in your blood sucking ventures and also get a bite award in the form of 50 times your total bet.

Payouts and Wagering Limits

Vampire the Masquerade Slot - Paytable

Spinning the reels in Vampire the Masquerade is cheap fun. You can do so with as little as $0.20 and even if you spin with the maximum bet, it’ll only cost you $4. With the low volatility, you’ll frequently see winning combinations lightening up your reels, but don’t expect those wins to be super high, unless you have triggered some special feature as well.

The RTP of 96.02% is nothing to write home about, but it’s also not exactly abysmal. It’s average and you can take that however you like. If you spin with the maximum bet of $4 and get your hands on the maximum win, you could walk away with a cool $120,000.

Those characteristics make Vampire the Masquerade a slot that is well-suited for beginners and casual slot players, while high rollers might be put off by the very low maximum bet.

Vampire The Masquerade slot small

Final Verdict

Vampire the Masquerade™ – Las Vegas


You may have noticed that we’re not the biggest fans of the new class of vampires and that is one of the reasons, why we’re so intrigued by the classic blood sucker in this game.


The slot creates an atmosphere of creepiness and tells a story of a predator and his prey and we have to admit, we got sucked in (pardon the pun). If you enjoy slots with frequent wins and a compelling backstory, you should really sink your teeth (somebody please stop us) into Vampire the Masquerade.


We’ll try to hold onto our blood but will still have another go at this Microgaming slot with a sinister theme.

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