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Now here’s a game for everyone who went to watch ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ back in 2013, and was disappointed at the distinct lack of hairy, toothy wild animals in the film (Jonah Hill excluded).

While GIG Games’s upcoming ‘Wilds of Wall Street’ seems to be inspired by the Martin Scorcese film, it’s possible that the resemblances end in the name alone, as it seems to have a much more vintage theme, as well as a host of furry characters adding color to the game. Let’s see what we know so far about this soon-to-be released slot game.


  • Original theme with interesting characters.
  • GIG Games can be trusted to do justice to this game.
  • Wilds of Wall Street will be available to players in Canada once released.
  • We don’t know that much about it yet, unfortunately – but stay tuned.
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Wilds of Wall Street - Theme and Background

Wilds of Wall Street’s title font and the way the characters are dressed makes us suspect that this is going to be a game set in the 1920s or 1930s. From the promotional pictures that have been released so far, we can safely assume that the protagonist of Wilds of Wall Street is an actual wolf. Pointed ears, sharp teeth, knowing grin, dangerous claws – it’s the whole nine yards with this guy. He’s dressed in a pretty snazzy-looking green suit, and flanked by two piggy henchmen in sunglasses and fedoras. I guess two of the three little pigs from the fable have gone over to the dark side.

Rounding off the animal tableau are a couple of sexy bunny ladies with bouffant hair, big bosoms, and a distinct come-hither look, as well as a pair of big floppy rabbit ears. This is one game that may awaken strange and perhaps confusing feelings in its players. But I suppose all that will be worth it if the gameplay and the payouts are any good.

Wilds of Wall Street - Gameplay

GIG Games seems to have embarked on a love affair with villain protagonists. For instance, the upcoming Dark Joker has placed one of the nastiest characters in pop culture at its helm. And now, in Wilds of Wall Street we have a sly-looking wolf, who it can safely assumed is not going to be begging for treats, rolling over or playing dead.

As for the symbols, your guess is as good as mine. The Wolf of Wall Street was all about luxury, decadence, and doing dirty deeds, and this slot will probably follow in those footsteps, albeit in a much more retro way. Perhaps some items typically associated with the 20s and 30s, like prohibited bottles of booze, cigars, and fedora hats will form the core of the high-paying symbols? We’re more than ready to be surprised.

Wilds of Wall Street - Payouts and Wagering Limits

Like many of the other slots from the GIG Games stable, Wilds of Wall Street will likely have quite a broad range of wagers, allowing both high and low-budget players to embark on dances with wolves.

If other GIG Games are anything to go by, Wilds of Wall Street will probably have adjustable paylines and an RTP of 96% or higher. Admittedly, this is a game inspired by a film based on the life of a man who scammed thousands of innocent people out of their hard-earned cash, so I’d keep an eye on my bankroll if I were you.

Wilds of Wall Street - Final Verdict

Wilds of Wall Street 150 x 150

Final Verdict

Wilds of Wall Street


Since we know so little about Wilds of Wall Street so far, it’s fair to say that most of this review has been made up of conjecture and speculation. But who can blame us for playing the guessing game when Wilds looks like such an interesting and unique slot game? We can only hope that GIG Games decides to take on other Leonardo di Caprio vehicles for their upcoming slots, and give them their own twist – something like the Great Catsby springs immediately to mind.

Oh, and while we wait for the game to be released, why not check out some of GIG Games’s other slots, including Midnight Madness and Book of Souls? Or else, try out some other equally vintage and fabulous slots below.

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